Women are quite concerned about the size of their breasts, and they opt for various ways to enhance them at any cost. Repeated failures can be upsetting and depressing. If you do not want to go through all the stress, then you must consider breast enhance surgery.

When you’ve decided to go for breast enhancement surgery, there are several factors, which you must take into account. The ultimate outcome will depend on your goals and anatomy. You need to be clear on how big you want your breasts.

Breast size determination is a personal preference. When sizing new breasts, there are some vital factors to bear in mind.

Type of Implants

Basically, there are two kinds of implants –

  1. Saline implants
  2. Silicone gel implants

Both kinds are readily available. Each one has its own pros and cons.

  • Saline implants feel like water balloons, where as silicone ones feel quite natural.
  • Saline implants can easily leak over a period of time. On the other hand, silicone ones need MRI exams, after 3 years of breast surgical procedure. Thereafter every year to check for leaks, which are not noticeable during clinical examination.

Measure your Anatomy

Your breasts must be symmetrical. The surgeon will determine the base width broadness of your breasts as well as the distance between both cups. Skin loosening is another factor to be considered. There must be enough tissues available to cover the implants.

Discuss your Goal

To experience the best breast augmentation In Scottsdale, AZ tell your surgeon about the breast size you prefer and even show pictures of the breasts you find appealing. Even discuss why you find them appealing, which will help the surgeon to get a precise idea of what you expect from the surgery and most important fact is that whether, it is practicable.

Express in Volume

Bra sizes differ from one brand to another, so express your desire in volume. The size of breast implants is measures in CC’s or cubic centimeters. Implant sizes are available in rage from 120 to 650 CC’s. Many women get confused about CC’s, so remember the difference between 300 cc implant and 360 cc is just 2 ounces.

Consider Cleavage

Cleavage is the natural space between breasts. In general, as the size increases the cleavage will also enlarge, but wider space between breasts will lessen the effect of implants on the cleavage.

Find the Right Volume

Fill rice in a stocking up to 300 CC’s that is 10 ounces. Place this flattened hose inside the non-padded bra. Volume is size and not the breast shape. Try your faux implants under oversized shirt. It gives an idea on how you look with it. Once you find the right size, add a little more ounce and see how it feels and looks. This will help you to avoid another surgery or revision breast surgery in future.

Implant Surface and Shape

The implants can be textured or smooth. Texturing makes it feel just like your original breast tissue. Implant shape will depend on the body size, skin quality, and goal. Round shape implants are circular and offer same degree of projection on upper and lower section of the breasts. The teardrop shaped implants with textured surface are anatomically ideal and prevent the implant from revolving.

Selection of implant size involves 2-way communication between the surgeon and patient. Express your preference and trust your surgeon’s proficiency.