More than two billion people in the world are smartphone owners or were at some point. Considering there are seven billion people in the entire world, about two out of three own a high-tech phone capable of more than making calls. While we usually hear more about their performance, what are the statistics of broken phones around the world?

Cracked Screens Around the World

With billions of phones in the world, you can only imagine how many have seen a cracked screen or two. Around the world, over one billion people have experienced a cracked screen and around 30% of these people currently have a cracked screen as we speak. India is home to the most cracked screens, as shown by a survey conducted in late 2015.

iPhone repairs have cost the world over 24 billion pounds in the last three years and will only increase from here on out. Glass splinters linger in the fingers of smartphone users around the world as roughly 21% still scroll on regardless of their screen being cracked. On average, iPhones make up around 6 billion pounds in repairs per year. Cracked screensaren’t the only damage phones incur, as there are a few other ways these proclaimed “smart” phones become damaged.

Top Ways a Smartphone Becomes Damaged

Besides having a great time at the club and accidentally dropping your phone, some of the top reasons for smartphone breakage include liquid spillage and even phones being run over by cars. For the price we pay for these phones, we naturally think that we’re going to get a quality piece of technology. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and that’s where repair companies come to the rescue.

Many mobile providers tack on money to the bill each month to help pay for the phone so that customers don’t have to pay in full up-front. If you don’t have insurance and are partaking in the monthly payment plan for the phone, you won’t be able to get a new one if you damage your phone beyond repair unless you pay off that phone and get another one at full price. Thankfully, phone repair companies can save you hundreds of pounds by repairing your phone to pristine condition.

Be Prepared for the Unfortunate Plop

Repair companies have your back as you can also stock up on self-repair kits for water-damaged phones to save money and be prepared in the future. If you drop your phone in water and wait to get it fixed, it may be too late as the phone could short out. When having your own water damage self-repair kit on hand, you’re able to treat your phone where you are and prevent any liquids from damaging the smartphone.

An average estimation is that 30% of smartphone users will crack or break their phone within a 12-month period. Take care of your phone and don’t become a statistic. If you do, make sure you pay a visit to a reliable smartphone repair service and learn how to maintain the safety of smartphones from the professionals.