Although we can get traffic through social media, online advertising and other sources; search engines still provide us with free, influx of targeted traffic. For this reason, link popularity can be seen as a way to gain proper public exposure. However, some people could have the misinformation about the real meaning of link popularity. Link building should provide us with lasting results, especially if we can gain top positions in Google, Bing and Yahoo. The emphasis is to achieve and maintain lasting results. If we want that our website do really well even 10 years from now, it is imperative that we play by the rules.

It is important for us to get enough understanding about specific things. We need to know that Google regularly updates its logarithm. It is quite easy for website owners to do some irreparable damages by using various improper link building and on-page optimization efforts. Although some new black hat methods could escape detections, search engines will eventually find solutions for these problems. For this reason, it is time to stop using outdated links that produce highly limited results and in some cases, they could get us banned by Google and other major search engines.

Before starting a link building campaign, it is important for website owners to know more about link popularity. Link is essentially a direct connection between websites. Search engines not only consider the quantity and relevance of links directed towards our website, quality of the originating website is also essential. We won’t get many benefits getting inbound links from blog comment sections, obscure directories and especially link farms. There are danger levels that are associated with each SEO technique.

A SEO technique with zero danger level will provide no negative effect, even if we get plenty of similar links. As an example, genuinely generated links created by people who are interested with our content in relevant websites are perfectly safe. A link building method with danger level of 10 could cause permanent banning. Google continuously looks for ways to weed out spam and it is vigilant in preventing illegal methods to contaminate its search results.

We should know that modern search engines are much more advanced than a few years ago. This is something that many SEO professionals may forget. It is important for us to avoid ruining our website reputation. We should stay clear of any link building methods that can really hamper our efforts. Making mistake is easy, while fixing the damage can take a long time and it will be a real hard work. Before starting SEO project, we should learn more about safe and effective link building methods. This should guarantee the long-term success of our website.

It is important to be active in forums that discuss about link building methods. These forums could have some successful SEO specialists who are glad to share advices on effective, legal link building methods. With some creativity and a bit of persistence, we could still gain great results with positive link building methods.