A media studies degree gives you knowledge about examining all type of media like film, television, advertising, and journalism. Through Master in media sciences, all aspects of media are covered. Following courses are offered in media sciences

  • Communication Theory
  • Visual communication
  • History of Media
  • Critical writing
  • Media and culture

Scope of media study

Media is playing the role of 4th pillar of state globally, due to this media studies field is gaining popularity all over the world. For joining the media, you are needed to have a media studies degree. Media is a game changer in the developing world. All creative minded people are preferring media studies and it is their first choice. With the development of technology, media has become a complex field and to understand journalism, advertising strategies you have to go in depth if you want to become an ideal person in media.

 What is expected Job

Skills learned through media studies enable you for a variety of career. If you are interested in critical writing you can become a film or television critic and you can write reviews for a newspaper or magazine.  Writers can be hired as employees or as contractors for script writing or you can write new or write for entertainment programs. As a director, you will be needed to provide ideas for the movie and you will be making decisions about how it should be filmed and how to edit. If you are interested in film or television you can start your career as a director or chief executive for a film or TV show.

For the advertising industry, you must have an understanding of media and how it influences the people.

If you know a creative way to sell products then advertising research is a suitable job.  After planning for an advertiser career path look of an internship so that you may get an idea of this business.


Critically analyzing news, movies, TV dramas, advertisements, youtube videos and all forms of media related data, complete knowledge about media, politics and economy and complex relationship among all of these, thinking creative ideas how every human activity is covered by media more specifically digital media. Skills to write complex information speech

A media sciences master degree holder must have all explained skills, as these skills are needed for success in media and these skills will help for a newcomer to settle in media.

Work experience

As you know media is very popular in today world so competition in this field is also high.  So to obtain experience in this field is a very difficult task. You must have a master’s degree and also some skills to stay in competition because without skills you will be kicked out from the race.

If you want to get work experience and want to build a portfolio of work than it is important to contact various companies like radio, television, or you can also contact with an advertising agency and ask them for work opportunities. One of the best way is simply to e-mail them your resume, if they need any staff or if then find any potential in you they will simply call you for the interview.

Other ways can be, you can apply for an internship or search a part-time job to gain experience, from these sources you will get low income but you will get experience which will be helpful in your future success.

You can also involve in your university radio, it is a great place from where you can learn you can search for your hidden skills.

The only purpose of your struggle is to gain experience.

Expected Salary

Your salary depends on the nature of your job in the media industry. Some persons in media don’t get fixed salaries like film producers they take a percentage from the profit of a movie. On the other side, Writers make a deal of writing a script or something means they will get paid after completing their writing.

People of write for a movie earn more than the people who write for new blogs or for dramas as well. Earning depends on which level you are providing your writing.

Alternative Careers

It is not important to get a job on camera like a new caster, hosting a comedy show, or anything else. You may get the job like a camera operator, broadcast engineer and maybe you work as a technician. To get into any job you need specialization like after the final graduation project, you can take admission in any diploma. It will help you to get a job and early because you will have skills or command in any area.  But for high post jobs, you need higher education. You can also start your career as a film editor or drama editor; you can also be a voice over on any cartoon channel. In short, if you have talent and skills and most important if you degree than it is sure that you will get a good job which will be according to your education level. If you have a master’s degree you can also apply for a job at the university level.