Career development is the never lasting process of learning and managing the work which includes personal determination and also evolved the preferred future. There are thousands of sources that support the process of career development which may be not professionals but highly effective in the career building. These include teachers, coaches, networks, employers, mentors, and most important parents. Many peoples manage their work independently without seeking external help but on the other hand, many people’s needs the help of professionals. So, there are so many career centres and schools that provide direct help to the person in choosing a successful career.


People are the most important resources for any organisation, so it is the basic responsibility of the organisation to look after their employees and provide them with an opportunity to move forward especially those employees who are very conscious about their performance and career. In the 21 century career is become the most essential part for the identity of the employee and it is not constant, the career identity changes by time due to the experiences and the life stages. Career development is not the responsibility of the organisation but the organisation can address the goals of the employees by providing that job positions where they can accommodate their goals.

Those employees who always conscious about their career choose the organisation where they feel that they have a chance to present their talent and they have the opportunity to achieve their career goals. So when we talking about career growth, it can have a different meaning for the people. Some people are looking for the good packages, some are just looking for experience and skills and some are just want to climb up the pyramid and want to reach the topmost where they can get the skills and competencies. Some people only avail select perks and benefit. The person who depends on their own thinking and always think different from others and this quality help them to achieve their goals.

People who want to get new and better skills that people are the fit for the promotion to reach a higher level of the organisation. An organisation becomes active in designing the career development programs for their employees and it is the best that can decrease the turnover of the employees. Though the responsibilities of the employees to plan their career according to their goals and the work of the real world. Because it is an employee responsibility to give them the output for achieving the goals. The organisation should create an environment of continuous learning for the employees by rewarding and motivating them.

Importance of Career Development

The organisation has been the lifelong experiencing environment which multiple changes of economic downsizing and restructuring the result but on the same time, it needs to improve the productivity of by keeping the place of continues changes of the technology. The organisation hires the employees to promote their old employees in a specific position. The new employees must be well aware of the environment of the organisation and do not need training. The process of organisation career development is the most important for employees and employers. In this process, there are maybe many unpredicted changes that might change the whole situation. So, in this situation employees and employers must be ready for the quick changes and act accordingly. Employees always need to upgrade their skills and competencies to reach the present demand of the organisation and also must be ready for the pressure that may increase the risk of falling prey that changed the current situation. Although it is important for both parties to understand the importance of career development.

Factors that can bring unwanted changes in the organisation environment 

Economic Rationalising: The biggest factor that can badly affect the career of many peoples id economic rationalising. All employees’ jobs are cut from the organisation but if the employees are learning new and better skills, they have the power to change the economic condition so, don’t hurt them badly by comparing them to others.

Hierarchy of employees: hierarchy means to reclassify the jobs. In this change, the organisation decides to reclassify the jobs in a broadway. Though the old reporting lines exist in the process of administrative control and some jobs are may be removed in mid of the process. Those people who want to leave the organisation are not capable to shift in another job of different nature.

In the Organisation cost reduction strategies: In the cost reduction strategy, the organisation becomes dangerous for those employees who are not made their minds to move on the next level. If the organisation start deducts the operating cost. The employment of those employees is at stake that is not performed in the past. Employees should always need to upgrade themselves and always show their talent and interest in order to stay long in the organisation.

Innovations: Upgradation and changes in technology can also bring major changes because some employees are always ready to learn something new and adopt the new innovations of technology. So that employees who accept the changes and always make themselves update about all type of information related to the technology and always ready to act accordingly.

In this post, we discuss career development and the importance of career development. These organisation changes can affect both employees and employers.

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