When you are young and still on the road to complete your education, you have very high aims and expectations of life. Everyone likes to see him or herself, financially stable in the future. While some people do get to achieve their goals, there are many who aspire to become a lot more but their circumstances come in the way. Sometimes, many of us have to go through some menial or part time jobs just to get us through the rough patch. Many people also do some of these jobs to gain experience that might help them in their future jobs. There are many such helper jobs in Chennai as well, just like any other part of the world. There are many people who are appointed as an office boy. These jobs can be in an office, a college, university or even in a residential staff. These jobs are often labelled as helper jobs. An office boy position is mostly an entry-level one. It is a job that is often filled by interns or fresh graduates. Office boys perform various basic administrative duties, such as serving drinks to the guests or the staff, handling electronic files and papers, greeting visitors and solving some technical issues if need be and so on.

Characteristics Of A Helper Job

However, office boy jobs vary from the other kinds of helper jobs. Sis the case for office boy jobs in Chennai.For example, if you are an office boy in an educational institute, let us say a university, you will be required to do different kind of tasks. The office boy will most probably be appointed as a peon. He will mostly maintain the arrangements of the classes, organize the classroom as well as the staff room. The job description may also contain assisting the staff members. Preparing tea and coffee at all times, maintaining cleanliness of the office as well as the kitchen is also required in the helper job. A lot of times, the office boys are also asked to serve lunch and snacks. There is no essential educational preference that is required for this job. Being punctual and multitasking is enough to get this job.

Office assistant job duties are quite different in the sense that it requires having some basic knowledge about the office environment. There are many office assistant jobs in Chennai that require broadcasting information through telephones, websites, mail services, and e-mail. The office assistant may also be required to organize, maintain electronic and paper files including managing projects as well. Answering telephone, screen calls, taking and relaying messages may also be demanded by the helper. This job will require maintaining and devising office systems, including filing, data management Etc. Apart from the computer work, the helper is also asked to monitor the use of equipment and supplies within the office. Sometimes, the office boys are also required to upholdan office schedule by picking-up and delivering items using an automobile. They serve customers by backing-up receptionist; answering questions; forwarding messages; confirming customer orders; keeping customers informed about the status of their order Etc.