Cloud communications are indeed a boon in the networking field. Replacing the traditional system of telephone networking, cloud communications have come up with better and faster means of communication. If you are planning a cloud-based telephone system at your office or workplace, there are some important points that you must keep in mind. For this the best way is to make a checklist, so that you don’t miss out on anything.

The Checklist

Cloud based telephone services are very beneficial. They give you a better and faster communication among each and every individual of the company and thus, increasing the productivity of the company.

Below are some points you definitely need to keep in mind while switching to cloud based phone technology:

  • Before you go for a VoIP connection, you need to discuss your internet availability and bandwidth requirements to your internet service provider. You need to check whether you have enough bandwidth for the calls of high quality. To choose the correct bandwidth, you can check the number of calls at your workplace on the peak hours of office, so that you can calculate the correct bandwidth required.
  • The one of the biggest concern that comes with the cloud computing is the security. Before you install a connection, you must talk your network provider about it. There are some easy security measures that are recommended such as clustered firewalls, credit limits, VPN connections and many more.
  • In case there is any kind of bad weather or natural calamity, there are least chances of damage in the network system. However not every cloud providers come with the disaster recovery services. You have to talk to the provider prior installing the system about this service. You will have to pay additional charges for this option. Once you get this service, you no longer have to worry about the interrupted phone connections or loss of network during any natural calamity.
  • Unlike the traditional system of telephone, you don’t have to maintain the whole system as it doesn’t have any external wiring system. All you need is a telephone instrument, phone or computer and a good internet connection for your office phone system. It may be possible that you will have to replace your existing telephone instruments with the new desk phones or soft phones. For this you need to make a budget prior taking any decision.
  • Before you take a decision, call your provider and have a proper talk with them. Ask them about the service they provide and in case there is any kind of failure or emergency, where you have to call them. You must know the customer or technical support that they provide and all the terms attached to it before you make any decision.

Cloud based telephone system is indeed very helpful and advantageous than the traditional system of telephone networking. To make your business more productive you should change your Office Telephone System into a cloud-based telephony system.