We are all more health conscious than ever before which has led to many homeowners checking the tap drinking water quality. Many choose to only drink bottled water as they feel it is cleaner and better for them. It is far more expensive consuming it this way and extremely damaging to the environment. Also unless extensive checks are carried out and compared with the water from the home, there is no way of telling if it is of better quality or not.

By using a water filter you can get access to instant fresh clean water whether you’re at home or in the outdoors and save the environment along with saving money. There are many filters available on the market and you can easily find one that suits your needs. They are extremely simple to install and take little maintain.

Water Contaminants

There are four different categories for contaminants that water can be divided into. These are odor and taste contaminants, lead, sediment/rust, parasites/bacteria. All of these are invisible to the naked eye so to find out if your water is contaminated you will have to get it tested in a laboratory. They type of filter you will need depends on the water supply quality.

Odour And Taste Contaminates

It is easy to spot when your water is contaminated by taste or odor as your nose and palate will notice it. To make sure your water is eliminated from these contaminates you will need to choose a water filter that uses Granular Activated Carbon. This is a material that absorbs the contaminants that are causing the bad odors and taste.

Sediment And Rust

If you can see visible particles floating around in your water the chances are it is either sediment or rust. These are easily dealt with by specialized filters and can be fitted with most appliances that use the tap water like a dishwasher or ice machine.


A large number of houses get their water supply from wells. These are likely to contain parasites and bacterial contaminants which will need removing for clean drinking water. There are various water filters available that you can buy with specially fitted cartridges that remove these types of contaminants.


Many houses built before 1986 were done so by using lead solder to seal the pipes. Drinking water that has traces of lead in is extremely damaging for your health so you must get it examined to check if it is clean or not. One of the best ways to deal with this contaminated water is by fitting a filter designed to eliminate the contamination to your kitchen sink. It will remove all traces of lead and it will then be safe to drink.


There are many different types of filters you can use to make your water clean and safe to drink. When choosing a filter you should carry out an examination on your water supply to see which type is best suited to the contaminant. Depending on your requirements you can choose from whole house, under the sink, Faucet-mounted, Countertop or Canisters Filters.