Blinds are great window dressings for any home. They come in a multitude of colours and sizes and can be made out of a wide range of materials. So shops are full of lots of choices that can keep anyone satisfied. However, there will be times when you want to make a personal choice about how you home looks and you will want to utilize the opportunity to design your own window blinds.

When making the choice between shop bought and bespoke design, there are a number of issues to think about:-

Bespoke blinds offer homeowners with the luxury of choosing and ordering for the size and shape of the window as per their need. There is no rule book that says that all the windows should be of the same shape and size, but ready-made shop blinds are often made with certain popular sizes and shapes of windows. If you have an odd shaped or sized window then these shop bough blinds will not often fit idyllically into your window. Often you will find you have some open spaces through which superfluous sunlight or cold air can pass through and into your home. This does weaken the basic purpose of the window blinds that can be bought in the shops. The custom sizing of bespoke blinds ensures that they fit flawlessly on your window and so there is no problem for the homeowner. Further, perfect fitting bespoke blinds safeguards that the blinds offer full functionality. When the blinds have wobbly or tight fittings their functionalities can be significantly disadvantaged. In the long run this may also lead to then not working,

Bespoke blinds offer various choices to the homeowners as do shop bought varieties. You can choose the material and type of blinds that will best suit your needs in both cases. You may order for certain special features with bespoke blinds such as fire safety, child safety, and UV protection.

Thus the made to measure blinds have made many homes cozier and stylish. They are cost effective and offer many benefits for fraction of costs.

Seeking advice from professionals such as Barlow Blinds in Leicester, you will find that the recommendation is to go with bespoke blinds rather that the shop purchased alternative. They often provide much better end results and will last for considerably longer.

Home owners who opt for the bespoke option very rarely regret their decision and they will often make recommendations to their friends and family, advising them to also go for the bespoke option.

The big thing to remember here is that every person and every home is unique. There is no reason that this uniqueness cannot be transferred into the styling of your home of business with your individual choice of blinds.


Speak to specialist blind companies to explain your needs and requirements before making a purchase. Reputable companies such as Barlow Blinds will advise you based on your best interests rather than their own best interests.