Cloud is a magical zone located within the internet. It gives permission to access business data to work from remote regions. Thus, your business is free from hosting, securing, and maintaining a personal web server. In addition, there is no concern about keeping sensitive files stored in a safe and accessible location or USB drives (easy to lose).

Lucrative cost benefits of hosting your business communication system on the clouds are plenty. All the interaction takes place across the internet via VoIP, which is cheaper than PSN phone lines. PBX configuration is complex and needs professional IT help, but with IP PABX system installation, alteration of functionalities is at your fingertips. In addition, no phone cabling is needed.

Why phone cabling is not necessary?

Cloud based PABX means all devices are IP phones, which has to be plugged into your LAN instead of phone socket. Fortunately, IP phones are designed with tiny LAN hubs including 2 Ethernet ports on its back. One port gets plugged in the LAN and the other to plug into a PC. IP phones access more information, as they are linked with the internet. For troubleshooting, they can be accessed through the internet.

Plug & play

As IP phones get plugged in the data sockets through LAN, it means just plug and play without any requirement for bulky rewiring and burdensome reprogramming.

In case, you need to move the phone in the other room. Just unplug it and plug it in there. The phone functions just the same, as before.

If you wish to work from home (located in another country) than unplug the IP phone from work LAN and plug it into your home LAN. The phone will work in the same way, as at work providing you network set-up including security and the firewall will not block required ports.

The cost of calls from the other states are same, there will be no diversion charges or international fees. Your Smartphone can also be used to access lines from hosted PABX with the help of VoIP app.

In short, IP PABX routes phone calls across the internet, so they can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Only condition applied is an access to the internet.

What happens if business gets relocated?

As the total phone system is plug & play, you will need to relocate only the IP phones. Have an internet connection as well as LAN set up at the new address. As soon as, you get ready to move unplug IP phones from old building and plug them in your new premise. There is no need to hire technicians the staff can conduct this easily.

What about extra phone lines & line hunt aspect?

In the past, for making and taking more concurrent calls, you would order extra phone lines from PSTN services and link them in your PBX. In addition, there would be a need to make arrangement for ‘Line Hunt’ feature because when a call is in progress and another client calls on the same number, it gets diverted automatically to the extra phone lines. This gives you an idea of the crazy amount, you have to spend on extra line rentals and line hunt.

With hosted IP PBX all the lines are bundled in a single VoIP system based on the cloud that handles line hunt, too. Customers are not aware how the calls are routed and your business looks professional because of appealing features like custom voice messages, hold music or announcements, IVRs and more.