More and more people are now working from home. This has been made possible thanks to the Internet and many other related developments including freelancing and crowdfunding. But working from home can have its own set of challenges. You will need the help of others professionals (who are also working from home) to complete your projects. Then you will have to remain in contact with your clients and communicate with them on the go. There are many other limitations that need to be worked around for a work-from-home professional to boost their productivity. This is where technology comes into play and makes it easier for you to run your home based job with more freedom and flexibility.

Cloud Technology For More Efficient Home Based Work

Technology keeps redefining how we and from where we work. Even companies are now allowing their employees to work from their homes. Studies show that this level of freedom not only helps in boosting company productivity, it also allows employees to give due time to their family. Cloud technology is nothing less than a gift for work-from-home professionals. It helps boost efficiency and productivity for both companies allowing employees and individuals working from their home offices. This article will provide you valuable information about the best cloud services for those working from home.

Hosted SharePoint: This cloud solution allows you to communicate, share and collaborate on projects from anywhere and at anytime. You can develop your website in easy steps and store your files and projects in any form.

You use SharePoint for hosting intranet, extranet or client facing website without the need to bear extra costs. The site can be used for other professionals to come and collaborate on projects and for clients to check the progress and provide feedbacks. When all this is available for free, it can mean big savings for those working from home. You can store all your documents in a central location (the cloud) and access it from anywhere.

Benefits of Hosted SharePoint

Hosted SharePoint 2016 cloud service will eliminate the need for being confined to your desktop any longer. You and your project collaboration teams can access files on your desktop from any location and edit and share them. One of the biggest challenges work-from-home professionals face is the diversity in devices being used by their collaboration teams. Even your clients can have different operating systems and devices. But with SharePoint you don’t have to worry about this limitation. Anyone from any device or operating system can access your files without concern whether they are on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or BB systems.

Thanks to this cloud service you can bring your entire team to work together while also allowing your clients to check their projects. Visit for more information about this cloud based solution.

Virtual Desktop: With Virtual Desktop, you can increase your overall productivity and minimize the costs involved. As someone working from home, you don’t have the funds for setting up the infrastructure on your premises. But with virtual desktop you can achieve everything without even spending a fraction of it. Cloud hosted virtual desktop will allow you to access the desktop from any location and on any device. Your team will be able to access the desktop and contribute to projects, thus boosting productivity.

Virtual Desktop from Apps4Rent also allows you and your teams to access applications without concern where everyone is located Your software programs can be access from a browser or using Remote Data Protocol. There is no limitation as to what device and operating system can be used to access the desktop.

You can also use the cloud desktop to access other peripherals and devices like your local printers. You may even set the permission levels for other users to access the virtual application. All your data will be backed up daily and protected against any form of malware attack. There is 24×7 support available to address any queries. Visit for more information about this cloud based solution.