Whether it is a small business firm or a large enterprise, every business house today is looking for smarter ways to leverage their business functions in a way that would benefit their business without costing them even a single extra penny. Cloud computing is one such solution that benefits your business by taking away the burden of managing the servers in-house at a price which is much lower than expected. To know about the managed cloud services in London, contact Assembly Managed Services.

Cloud computing has seen a fast-paced growth in the last few years and it is expected to become a basic requirement for every individual in the IT industry to grab a job by 2020. While there had been a time when technology would eat a lot of your money but would not simplify your task, the story is entirely different today with cloud computing.

With cloud computing, one does not need to spend millions of dollars on purchasing servers and storage arrays in-house and the manpower to manage the same. All one needs to do is simply outsourcing this responsibility to the experts who have been managing it for years and would be able to do it for them without hassle. To outsource your IT division management, contact the best providers of managed cloud services in London.

Benefits of cloud computing

According to a study conducted by the market research company Vanson Bourne, there are several factors that are driving the adoption of cloud by the companies. The report titled, “The Business Impact of the Cloud” shares insights from the interviews of 460 senior decision-makers within the finance functions of various enterprises. It enlists 11 factors that motivate the cloud adoption and a number of quantifiable improvements achieved by these companies such as improved productivity, lower cost, and improved time to market. To avail these benefits of cloud computing, contact the managed cloud services in London.

A few of the common benefits of cloud computing are as mentioned below:


  1. Updated software

The latest updates done on the applications are quickly made available to the client. This upgradation helps the company in improving the productivity of its employees. Contrary to this, in case of purchased software, introducing new releases takes time and is also a costly affair.

  1. Flexibility

The companies can take advantage of flexible costs with cloud computing where they just need to pay for the server and infrastructure capacity being used by them. For peak times, the capacity can be increased and can also be de-provisioned when no longer required.

  1. 24*7 Availability

The providers of cloud computing services ensure 99.99 percent uptime in their services. They make sure that the services and connection provided by them is uninterrupted and does not create a hassle in the organisation’s smooth functioning.

The managed cloud services in London are cost-effective and have lesser environmental impact. Data security is also ensured in these services. So, if you are an IT leader and still thinking about moving on to fully cloud computing facilities, it’s time to move now before it gets too late. Contact us now for the best and world-class managed cloud services in London.