Whether you are a copy specialist or a graphic designer your creation would be incomplete unless it reaches the desired client in its printed form. So prints and that too in their coloured version hold their own unique importance.

Colours act as a chief medium to make the product eye catchy and attract the targeted audience. Colours also make an impression on consumer’s memory which makes them buy the product. Colour printing is needed for various print media, including newspapers, books, flyers, magazines, journals, catalogues, business cards, calendars and posters.

Colourful Prints Make A Unique Mark

Print Over Digital

In spite of an all round spread of internet over the last few years, the traditional medium of print continues to remain popular. The hard copy of books is still opted by many of the readers over digital version. A printed copy keeps the readers engaged while it is observed there is a tendency to quickly flip through digital pages. Moreover, a printed text doesn’t require internet to access it. Printing services like business cards, brochures and pamphlets are still used effectively to convey messages and as part of marketing strategy. The printers make all efforts to ensure that the product delivered meets all your requirements. Skilled and knowledgeable professionals attend to your work to deliver quality product. State-of-the-art systems are deployed to give best quality colour prints.

Colour Printing

Colour printing is an important part of modern printing. New technologies in colour magazine printing have greatly improved the print quality and reduced the time of production. It can be modified to suit customer needs. Several techniques are available for colour printing today which includes generating images in colour to generating them on paper. The printing presses have to produce thousands of copies of magazines, newspapers, brochures and cards for mass marketing. Hence the techniques used by them are designed for mass production. The technique used for printing complete colour images is known as process printing, which makes use of CMYK. CMYK is the shortened form for the four ink colours utilised in the process, namely, the three secondary colours — cyan, magenta, yellow –, and black (key).

Variety of Magazines

A variety of complete colour magazines are available. The sizes of the pages of a magazine may vary from DL to A3. Then the magazine would differ based on the number of pages, colour scheming whether it is uniform throughout or the cover is customized, or based on the finish say glossy or matte. The colour printing cost would vary as per the choice you make. You can choose the style of your magazine based on your requirement and budget.

Colourful Prints Make A Unique Mark

Online Printing

Online printing has made the things even simpler. You can order colour magazine printing whether it is of magazine, card or brochure online. Pay it there and you will have the prints delivered at your doorstep.

Environment Friendly Printing

Environmental concerns also need to be attended to while printing is carried out. Various measures include waste management, printing using energy efficient equipment, no alcohol printing, making use of pre-press computer technology to do away with film and chemical processing, and making billing paper free with online transactions.

Come what may, printing is here to stay with effective waste management and recycling procedures in place.