Having trouble retaining customers? Most digital businesses manage to attract interested customers in large numbers. However, most also fail to retain these large throngs of customers. You can tell the successful digital start-ups from the unsuccessful ones by the customer retention rate. It’s important to retain customers because it’s far easier to convert former customers than new ones. The bulk of your business on the long run should be made up with returning customers, not new ones (who only indicate growth rate). So, to increase your e-business’s customer retention and conversion rates, here are several tips to follow:

Try SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing is a handy tool to engage customers in real time. Most big businesses use SMS to motivate customers to make a purchase on location. For example, if a customer is walking past an ice cream store, the customer might get an SMS about ice cream. This is a good strategy to increase brand awareness and always stay on top of a customer’s mind. Most companies send bulk SMS messages about discounts, seasonal sales, and so on. Your business, too, will be able to benefit by developing and implementing a successful SMS marketing campaign.

Make Email Marketing More Targeted:

Email marketing has many facets. One is that it’s best to target former customers with email rather than new ones. If you want customers to return to make another purchase via a small nudge with emails, you need to make messages more targeted and specific. Also, try to eliminate the need to redirect out of email. Instead of posting a link and saying click here to view the product, provide the product image, a short description, price, and checkout option straight in the email. This is a good method to grab the attention of a customer without risking him or her overlooking your message.

Offer Returning Customer Discounts:

Discounts are a great way to attract customers http://www.wikihow.com/Attract-and-Keep-Customers-for-a-Small-Business-(Marketing). They are also a great way to retain customers. Most corporations have offers where a customer who has made a previous purchase can get a discount or a similar perk upon making a second purchase. The idea here is to prompt the customer to keep buying. If you have not already done so, keep customers engaged with these returning discounts. Not only will these discounts make returning customers feel special, but they will also make them interested unlike ever before.

Develop a Customer Loyalty Program:

Loyalty programs are a time-honoured way of retaining customers. If your business is of substantial size, you can develop a loyalty program that will interest customers. You can partner with others as well to get the program off the ground. The trick to making a successful loyalty program is to make it simple. Offer simple rewards in return for simple activities. Also, make subscribing to and benefiting from this loyalty program as free of obstacles as much as possible.

Collect Feedback from Former Customers:

If you are worried that your website’s conversion rate is down, the best thing to do is to ask the customers about it directly. If your former customers are no longer buying from you, ask them why. It could be that they have found better prices elsewhere or possibly because your product is subpar. It’s important to know these well in advance so you can gradually make changes to business to attract customers and keep them coming back.

Follow the above tips, and your business will flourish.