With the aid of NeuroSense Consulting, business professionals today are able to get the optimal benefits out of their training budgets to ensure retention and application of the subject matter used in the training programs. We have learned many things and most corporate training programs tend to teach professionals with a fire-hose. When we change behavior, we need to create new habits. These habits take birth in the brain. This can be created by using staged learning along with reinforcement. Employees benefit a lot from a large amount of training hours. This maximizes application and retention. Brain coaching is a boon to most companies and their professionals today.

Customized Management Training With NeuroSense Consulting

NeuroSense Consulting- An Insight

NeuroSense Consulting is the brainchild of Susan J. Starting and Bradley G Harris. Susan holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Masters Degree in Education Administration from the Colorado State University in USA. Besides this, she is also a certified coach in Brain Based behavior with the NeuroLeadership Group.

In the past Susan J. Strating has also held some significant leadership positions in Human Resources in high technological start-up companies. She also worked for HP. She is an expert in the domains of training and development, coaching, succession planning, performance management and employee communication.

She is also attached with The Events Management For NCET, Nevada Center For Entrepreneurship and Technology as Co-Vice President.

Bradley G Harris, on the other hand, holds a Marketing degree from Indiana University. He is also an MBA. He graduated from The University of Southern Indiana. Like Susan, he holds a certificate in Brain Based Coaching with the NeuroLeadership Group. He is also a member of The International Coaching Federation.

Bradley has also been a pioneer in the North American HR Organization for a leading global manufacturer. He was also the Head of Human Resources with Swift Communications. Bradley has a rich exposure in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring in work force, employee engagement, performance management, corporate communications and executive development. He also is associated with the Northern Nevada Business Weekly as a regular columnist.

Both these expert professionals focus on neuroscience for business coaching. They have delivered many hours of coaching to business professionals across the globe. Both Susan J. Strating and Bradley G. Harris have deployed a structured based goal oriented approach that is proven to work. With the aid of this specific coaching, the duo helps in overcoming decision biases. They help in the formation of new and positive habits. They aid individual build stronger relationships.

This helps them to stretch goals. This coaching helps people to make discovering insights about themselves. They have also made many notable discoveries on their work. All this is done in a very confidential setting. The pair works with the best and the smartest business professionals in the industry. This brain-based coaching is done via the NeuroLeadership Institute.

Both the expert brain coaches are able to shift the attitude of people from impasse to insight most of the time. Their standard coaching methods aid clients to reach an insight that helps them tremendously.