Not a visual representation of the company but custom logo design is the one that shows the values of the company. Among many decisions before making logo, designs color is the biggest concern. Unfortunately many take it as an insignificant thing but if we do observe we will see how the color choice of big brand has an impact on their success. The proven fact is that within a span of 60 seconds, a person makes a subconscious judgment about the environment, people and product

Even our professionals take care of the values and personality of your target audience at the utmost priority.

What a Blue logo says about your brand?

The people working in a blue environment are found to be more productive in comparison with any other color .Blue represent calm and peace .It is the color of oceans, Seas and sky and that’s the reason, it is considered to be a secure and peaceful color .Unlike red, it controls appetite. And also is it is not considered as an attention grabbing color.

What an orange color says about your brand?

Orange is associated with enthusiasm and to activate the brain. Also it is famous in the food industry because of having an eye-catching nature and is being aggressive .You have seen the logo of famous drink, Fanta. And, will experience the friendliness and pleasant feeling, even just by seeing .So, the brands that want to show with a combination of inspiration and friendliness, we choose this color.

What are yellow color says about your brand?

For showing optimism and happiness, yellow color is used. Not surprisingly all of you have seen the classic smiley faces .That always evokes the emotion of encouragement, warmth and positivity, no matter what your mood is .So, our professionals also associate them with the pleasure and warmth.

What a green color says about your brand?

A sign of health ,freshness and calm, Green color is used for the healing and relaxation purpose .Since ,healthy vegetation has green color ,so it is used for showing the association with health and nature .That’s the reason ,America’s favorite store “whole food” use it in its logo. Our company show strong ethical practices in the environment by making use of this color. Additionally it is a good choice for the companies who are involved in the finance, so as to remind the customer about money. And, hence it is also a symbol of money and wealth. Some examples are Tropicana, Morning star farm and John deer

What purple logo says about your brand?

The Classic color is representing the nobility and wealth. Evoking the feeling of wisdom and imagination, it is said to be the color of Magic and Mystery .This color is used by beauty brands, most of the time .So, a purple takes you out in the world of imagination .And, is considered to be a sign of luxury. Consumer who wants to be wise are attracted to this color. Also, having the feeling of mystery and magic, it attracts those who are inclined towards these attributes.

What a black logo says about the brand?

Companies like the Blackberry and Gucci are the symbol of elegant and exclusivity .If your product is somehow exclusive and mysterious use black color in your logo .In fact, black is associated with luxury products. When our customers doesn’t want to attract the attention of their target audience .Rather they want to see a sense of elegance and strong reputation, then we go for black color in a logo design.

What a pink logo says about your brand?

Companies who wants to target women, pink color is the best .Actually it is associated with sweetness and show femininity .That’s why it is use in the Fun Land logos, so as to Evoke the emotions of the playfulness .There is a good chance of success when your target audience is women and children .For example, if you deal with food product you are supposed to use this color and can easily convey the message of a company .Barbie and the dunking donuts are the example.


Alan Ramy is a branding expert and work in logo design services company in the USA. Backed by strategy, he helps brands grow by crafting distinctive logos & brand identities