When you first pull up to the gasoline pump you can see the three different options available for gasoline. There’s always regular, mid-grade and premium when you’re looking at traditional gasoline and usually a diesel in there as well. For most people they choose the regular gasoline because it’s the cheapest option and fill up the tank. But what is really the difference when it comes to other types of gasoline and different levels?


First, diesel is entirely different from regular gasoline. There are vehicles that specifically use this type of gasoline and if you don’t use diesel in them (or if you use diesel in something else) it can cause a lot of problems for these vehicles. On the other hand, diesel vehicles tend to get better gas mileage so you might want to consider getting one yourself with that new bad credit car loans Kitchener which you can get right here.


This gasoline has the lowest octane level of all three of your regular gasoline options. The octane is the number on the yellow sticker that you see when you first pull up. The number will be smallest here. The exact number will vary a little depending on the laws of the state but for most vehicles this is going to be just fine as far as getting your car where you need to be.


Mid-grade may be required for some higher performance vehicles because it has more octane, which some vehicles require to keep the engine going properly without knocking. You want to make sure you keep your engine working properly so if you do notice knocking with regular gasoline you check out the mid-grade to see if it stops the problem. And of course, if your owner manual recommends mid-grade that’s what you should probably use to prevent problems before they start.


This is the most expensive gasoline you’re going to find because it contains the highest levels of octane. This is only required in high performance vehicles for the most part and that means you don’t need to worry about it for your regular vehicles unless your owner manual tells you to or you notice knocking at lower levels of octane. You really don’t want to spend this much for gasoline unless you have to because it’s going to be more expensive than any of the other types of gasoline.

No matter what type of gasoline you use in Kitchener, it’s important to pay attention to your vehicle. Switching between regular, mid-grade and premium in a regular vehicle isn’t going to hurt anything. You can do this as much as you want. If you have a diesel however, you absolutely can’t use regular gasoline and if you have a regular vehicle you absolutely can’t use diesel. Switching between these can completely destroy your engine. So make sure you’re paying attention when you get up to the pump. You don’t want to spend more than you have to on gas and you definitely don’t want to blow up the engine.