Office is a place where the employees and the employers work most of the time. It is the place where people spend more time then they do in their own homes. Therefore it is very important to make the office a place where every person wants to stay and not a place where they have to stay.

Interior design of the office is the very first thing that every person sees when entering in. Ranging from the employees, employers and even the clients can be impressed by the style the office is designed and the way it is represented. Therefore managing a place in an impressive way and organizing Office Interior Fitouts in a good way have a great number of advantages.

Let’s start the discussion with a definition of fit out and then expanding it to the advantages and benefits of getting office interior fit outs.

What does “Office Fit Out” mean?

You might have often heard about house fit outs and office fit outs. Fit out is generally a word which is used to describe a term used for the process of making a place or occupation suitable by the use of interior design. Fit out is a term which is more often used for office interior and in relation to office development.

Fit out can be a number of forms and depending upon the stage of a building, it can be divided into a number of types. In the below section some of the forms of office fit outs are described.

Different Forms of Office Fit Outs:

Following are some of the different forms of office fit outs:

  1. Shell & Core Fit Outs: In the shell and core area, it includes fitting out staircases, main lobbies, loading bays, main reception, car parking, lift shafts, etc. This part of the office generally comprise the structure, cladding and base plants.
  2. Category A Fit Outs: The A Category includes mechanical and electrical interior services, suspended ceilings and raised floors, blinds, internal surface finishes, etc. The category A requirements of the office depend upon the complex fit out requirements of the tenant.
  3. Category B Fit Outs: Category B fit outs include some final finishes and touches given to the office building. These Include fitting out receptions, installation of offices, installation of furniture fit outs, final paints and other requirements.

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