Awnings in their current form are a modern invention, but the basic concept dates back to ancient Egyptian times. While the rise of air conditioning as a necessity has changed how we use them, the ability to enjoy the outdoors without getting bothered by the sun in our eyes or soaked in the rain makes them a simple and less costly home improvement idea.

They’ll quickly save you money on energy costs, and pay off the amount you’ve invested in, and are also worth the sturdy and delightful fabric for better decor. The awning industry’s foremost body, the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association estimates you can save up to half of your cooling costs with awnings.

They’ll also save your home’s interiors, including furnishings and hardwood floors from sun damage. For the winters, here’s the math: one square foot of glass loses more heat than one entire insulated wall. For the summers, solar heat, and direct glare can be checked by up to 77%. You can quickly convert your patio or deck as a space to entertain guests, and create a space to keep them cool in the summers.

Types of Awnings

Retractable Patio Awnings: Once common in upscale homes, they’re today affordable and made to be durable and fuss-free. They are being increasingly used in both homes and offices. They can be controlled via motor or hand crank. Smart homes use wind sensor equipped awnings to switch on in case they sense a storm. They are a great accompaniment to large slider or French door, which otherwise would let a lot of sunshine and heat in.

Window Awnings: Simple window awnings are available in old-school and modern styles and are a significant decor element. A revolutionary new form of plantation shutters color scheme, retailed by Shutters Australia is becoming popular among new homeowners to go along with any awning choice.

Classic window awnings have covered sides for greater protection from sun light. They are best suited for windows which either East or West directions.

Spear Window Awnings (which look like spears are being used to hoist up the awnings) are composed of iron frames studded spear finials, and are really attractive for adobe style and modern homes.

Drop arm Awnings use a downward facing awning, for windows rolled up on a roller tube. These are perfect for second story windows, as you can easily retract them.

Porch Awnings are incredibly common for those with a porch or patio, protecting the porch from rain and sun.

It can initially feel confusing to shop for awnings – there’s such a diverse price range available

However, after you decide your budget, your specific decor needs (including keeping the home cool and safe from rain), inspect the warranty. You ideally want the best value – it could be the 1 year, 5 year warranty, or even 10 to 15 year warranty. Year on year, you will find that a slightly more premium awning was more of an one of the few Aussie stores known to provide affordable, durable awnings and plantation blinds for homes that stand the test of time.