People stuck in the nine-to-five grind often wonder what it would be like to escape the rat race. These individuals dream of no longer fighting morning and evening traffic. They would prefer to answer to themselves, rather than to a boss. A work from home gig would also allow them to have a more active role in their kid’s lives. For many of these individuals, this dream seems like something that will never be within reach. What could they possibly do from home to replace the income they generate from their current job? They hear of other people successfully working from home and want to be one of those success stories. Here are some ideas to help a person get started with their dream of making money from home.

Part Time Transitional Work

When it comes to making money from home, it often begins with an idea that a person does part time. Getting their feet wet on the weekends with a money making venture is a great way to get started. Perhaps you are great at cutting and styling hair. You might even already have the tools you need to take on a few customers in your spare time. As your reputation builds and your client list grows, it becomes easier to leave your current job to focus more intently on your work at home gig.

Music Reviews

For those who truly have an ear for music, up and coming bands are always looking for critical feedback. Listening to demo CD’s and giving critical feedback that is genre specific and appropriate turns out to be a profitable skill a person can take advantage of from the comfort of their own home to generate regular cash flow. In addition to earning money for their opinions, music critics also end up getting their hands on a lot of free CD’s.

Tutoring Math

Math tutors are always in demand. From homeschool clients to college students struggling in courses like Algebra and Statistics, becoming a math tutor can earn a qualified tutor a decent regular income. To improve cash flow in this area, holding classes where math instruction is provided for an entire group of individuals is also an option if your home can accommodate a sizeable crowd. Many homeschool coops look for tutors who are qualified to fulfill such roles. A person needs little more than a whiteboard, some markers, and a few math books to reference their lesson materials from to get started as a math tutor.

Becoming a Guitar or Piano Instructor

Music is a passion for all kinds of people and their kids. Parents often like the idea that their child acquires the ability to play an instrument. Typically, people who can teach others how to play the guitar or piano at a reasonable price will find it is not too difficult to build a student-base in their local area. Generally, even a small home can accommodate a music teacher’s needs in this area.

Becoming a Distributor or Marketer for Other Companies

Product distribution and marketing are two in demand needs that virtually every business possesses. If a person can write well and knows how to pitch a company or its products, their knowledge might be worth its weight in gold. Knowing how to set up websites to improve a company’s online presence, increase their marketing success and automate their product distribution from the comfort of one’s own home is an excellent way to earn big money. It is important to note, when attempting to start any work at home job, that the business-owner checks all their local laws to know how to remain business compliant for their county or state. It is equally important that they hold all relevant licenses for doing business within these jurisdictions.


While others dream about leaving their current job to work at home, a doer will take the steps to make this dream a reality. Whether a person takes the plunge with both feet or eases into their home-based money making opportunity is up to them. Even if leaving their current job seems scary, nothing prevents a person from test driving an idea in their spare time. The boss they work for does not even have to know they have something going on at home on the side. Remember, all great home-based empires started out small. What happens from there is up to the one with the vision to move forward.