There can be several different reasons to embrace a Quick House Sale, from getting out of a rising debt and worries of repossession, to generating equity for your travel plans, or even for divorce. Whatever perhaps the reason for selling your property is, Easy2Sell offer a fast house sale solution for buyers in the north east.

Estate Agents

Real estate agents can certainly of great help when you are considering selling off properties. On the other hand, before you pick an agent for this purpose, you should contact at least 4 to 5 agents to get the exact market value of your house. After choosing a dealer, you will have to complete surveys, put the property on the market, negotiate well with the potential buyers and then accept the offer. Nevertheless, if you sell through an estate agent you will have to wait for at least six months for the deal to close. But, if you just cannot wait that long then such a sale will seem extremely slow for you with limitless variables.


Auctioning your property helps in a Quick House Sale. It just takes a couple of months is the best approach for selling sough after properties and houses. On the other hand, this technique involves a few glitches. For example, if you put your house for auction you have to let everyone come and view all your possessions. Secondly, the entire affair turns out to be very costly compared to consulting an estate agent. There is also a possibility of the property not selling at all or getting a very low price.

Therefore, before you opt for this process it is imperative to take professional advice. Get an idea of the prevailing market trends before approach the property on auction.

Selling Your House To Investment Buyers

There are numerous services out there that offer Quick House Sale. Easy2sell offer a fast house sale solution for buyers in the north east. Before you move ahead with it, make sure you check the market standing and experience of the service in question. There are a lot of scams happening these days. Various ‘self-proclaimed’ investment buyers are out there cheating sellers. Nevertheless, there are also genuine investment buyers who buy the house with cash.

Differentiating A Genuine Service From A Scam

To know the prime difference, contact the service and ask them questions. Try figuring out when they started. Also figure out whether the executives are listening to your issues or just marking off boxes. Such companies usually pay up to 75 percent of the market value of the house.

The Procedure

During your first cal, the company will jot down all the details related to your property. After careful analysis, they will get back to you with an offer and organize a meet up to see the property. After having a look at the property, they are going to make a real offer to you, and if accepted, will swap the contracts right away. You will be provided with a certificate of sale that is good enough to prevent repossession or hold back debt collectors. The entire process does not take more than seven days and a minimum of 48 hours if you want quick house sale. The investor will pay all of your debts and give you whatever is left.

Easy2Sell offer a fast house sale solution for buyers in the north east. If you want to ensure that the entire house sale process is stress free then you must hire Easy2Sell services. This is the company that thinks about your benefit and wants to assist you in finding the best resolution to your problem than merely trying out make money.