The contribution of Physics in understanding the mysteries of the universe and its constituents has been greatly remarkable. From the laws of reflection to gravitational force, physics has helped us understand everything around us in a better way. Discoveries and inventions made by the numerous Physicists help us in understanding both macro and micro cosmos. But most students fear this subject because of its complex principles and concepts. To help students understand physics in a better way some easy strategies are given in the points below.

Master the Concepts

Physics is all about theories and concepts. Most of the times when students fail to understand certain physics concepts they simply memorize it. Memorizing the concepts is one of the worst ways to learn the subject. Students should try to understand the logic behind the concept which will be a benefit for them in the long-run.

Understand the Doubts

While learning physics concepts, it is common for students to have doubts. But they should not lose confidence and skip the topic. Instead, they should focus more on the topic to understand the concept behind it. They can also take help from their teachers or mentors to understand the concepts more effectively. It will become very easy for students to progress once they understand the concepts clearly.


Without enough practice, no one can master physics. The more a student solved numerical problems the better. Solving physics problems is the best way to understand the concepts of the subject. Students are suggested to solve physics problems on a regular basis to learn the subject more effectively. Students should also solve problems on important physics topics like electromagnetic waves, force, sound, etc.

Review Errors

It is essential for students to work through the concepts of each problem when they are solving physics questions. Students should always focus on the problem even if they make mistakes. They should try to understand the approach of the question and where they did the mistake. This is the most effective way to avoid the same mistakes over and over again and develop the concepts.

Students can follow these strategies while learning physics. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons on various physics topics.