Layout and design may just be the thing that will make it or break it for your blog. Your content may be perfect but a use of wrong layout and design may drive people away from your blog. What you want to do is make every visitor stay at your page and read your posts. That is why you should do whatever you can to make your blog usable and easy to read. Here are some tips to follow, when you want to improve the looks of your blog.

Use Simple Background

The most important thing is that the visitor can easily read the text and see the images. That is why using a simple white background is not a bad idea. Many people avoid this because they found it too simple. Still, this proved to be quite a trend in 2015 and many popular bloggers use it. We know that using interesting colorful scheme behind your text may be tempting but it can also overshadow the important parts – text and images.

Easy Ways To Improve Your Layout & Design

Add a Small Description

Every blog has a big banner on the top of the page. A good thing to do is to write down what the blog is about just beneath that banner. If you choose the words properly there will be absolutely no ambiguity for the reader when he visits your page. For example if you are blogging about fashion, you can write down “everything you should now about fashion” etc. Try to think of something that will grab the reader’s attention. Go through your old posts and start drafting your new description.

Make sure everything is Aligned

It is so irritating when an image or a part of the text sticks out from the rest of the page. You notice it and so do your readers. They will always be more ready to read a post which is not jumbled all around the page. When uploading an image, make sure that its width is same as the width of the text. That way neither will stick out. The same rule applies to the sidebars. Choose a common width for all of the images on your blog and stick to it.

Easy Ways To Improve Your Layout & Design

Limit the Number of Fonts

Another thing you should consider doing is limiting the number of the fonts you use. Never should there be more than three different fonts on a single page. With too many fonts, the page will look busy. We have witnessed many different sites that use completely unreadable fonts. This only reduces their quality. The fonts you should consider using are Verdana and Arial, as they are the easiest to read. Still, there are some other interesting fonts you should consider using.

Upload the Right Images

A blog with text only would be a complete disaster. What you need besides the text are some interesting images. These should be properly selected and only uploaded once you know you have the right one. There are many different ways to find an image that will fit nicely into your blog. You can visit EyeEm, a place where you can find images for whichever topic. When choosing, make sure that colours on the picture fit nicely to the rest of the page. Each post should have some kind of image that goes together with it.

Looks of your blog is as important as the content you upload. So besides writing, you should put some effort into making your blog look beautiful. Don’t be afraid to change something from time to time. This will actually keep your blog fresh and interesting to both your visitors and yourself.