What’s in it for me? That question is typically what happens in your prospect’s mind the moment they lay eyeballs on your ad. Realize there’s only one thing that will elicit a response worthy of taking an action, and that’s what you must address if you want to keep their attention.
Notice that there a tons of advertisers who overlook psychology, mindset, and approach. While this speaks to the ability of being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, your only goal should be to bring that fish to dry land. So let’s get down to business with a few good ways that Will help you focus on them … not you.
First, think about how you speak to people personally. Do you want to come off cold, impersonal, aloof, or vague? If you’re trying to develop a relationship with your target audience, it’s not going to have the right feel. In this same way, you will need to infuse your writing with the vibrations of a friend who is really just trying to help them out with a problem.
Next, consider the objections. For example, after they are directed from a pay per click campaign, they arrive at your landers, squeeze pages, or a long form sales letter. You’ll have the room to work on the pain points of a problem, while returning repeatedly back to the main call-to-action. In this manner, you may start converting browsers, into readers, into customers.
Realize that many of the greatest ads and headlines were not often written in second person tense. Usually, you will see first and third person sales copy because the use of second person perspective actually has a ‘first person redirect loop’, if you will. That means the use of the word ‘you’ can often bring the focus back to yourself and not on the prospect.
A quick example to demonstrate this. “As a lawyer, you will be pleased to know I’ve won over 500 cases successfully so trust me, I’m a lawyer.”
So how do we turn this around? It’s pretty easy, actually. You’re going to be emphasizing benefits in your copy, not the features. For example, “The peace of mind you’ll receive from buying any of our 1Bid1.com cheap cameras for sale, or just a 1Bid1 tablet for sale, will bring you a feeling of happiness you’ve never experienced before. Just go here to find out.”
Lastly, consider the idea that you’re trying to push the emotional buttons when writing. What would trigger an emotion in your ideal prospect’s mind? When you answer those questions, you’ll start noticing your ads having a more powerful effect on the audience.