Nowadays the competition between app developing companies is to develop the best android apps for mobile and tablets. To boost your own sale and business opportunities it’s the ultimate goal to develop apps with popular features that people love. Compared to iOS community working on android puts you in the excellent position of addressing a bigger audience. Building an android app comes down to major languages that are JAVA and android. Android part encompasses to learn XML for designing the app. Android hardware device comes in different screen sizes, processors type custom API’s etc. challenges you face to maintain similar performances and user experiences in such variation.

You can have different authors with different perspectives about developing the apps. Major app stores offer statistical numbers or rankings for customers to go to have the top popular apps. If you go to the Google play you will find that Google play market list the apps under the “top charts” having the categories like “top free”, “top paid’, “top grossing” etc.

Before you write your first app you definitely want to research   the market if they have the required apps having the features you want. If your desires are fulfilled then take note what they provide and ask yourself that if you are confident in doing better than before.   Like apps in the top categories make sure that your app bear potentially similar characteristics. For future development visit app store periodically and make notes about top apps. For this compile the list of rules that are needed to make the top app.

Here we are with tips for building your first android app-

  • You should learn JAVA language– for the total beginners, it is suggested to learn the language Java which is for android. Once you learn Java and XML, using android principles you should know how to connect these two.
  • Total beginners what you should learn– you must learn how to install Java development kit and eclipse. Which helps to clear the basic idea of the syntax behind java concept such as loop and if statements.
  • Android studio and eclipse are needed for android app development- these are integrated development environment. IDE’s compile and run your code with just one touch of the button. Unlike other applications where you write some code to compile and other code to run. You have to install the android SDK with eclipse but on the android developer’s website installation process is covered in depth.
  • Building the android app is time-consuming– it’s not the work of the overnight, it takes time. Have patience and go through the small problems such as saving data and knowing better the new things.
  • Look to the help community– if you struck to the problem turn to stack overflow and no luck there then look to the android subreddit. For the beginners, it is obvious to search for the questions and which takes lots of time. When you stack overflow and you are unable to get the answer then go to the subreddit as they are extremely helpful.

Making android apps is not an easy job but going through these tips you can be the perfect app developer. If you are beginners it’s nothing to worry about just learn languages and have the knowledge of basic tips this will take you higher in your career.