Among the diversity of forms and technical factors characterizing the latest unmanned aerial cars, the unique properties plus appearance of the small drones from the firm Power vision Robot (China) stand out. In 2016, the Chinese released a actual effective model Power Egg, prepared in the form of eggs, collecting for manufacture more than 15 million US dollars. Now the firm has decided to enlarge the market of egg-shaped drones, cover also the budget sector. The offered model Kai Deng K130 Alpha is not only smaller in dimension of its older brother, however also is much cheaper.

A distinct feature of the Kai Deng K130 Alpha, in adding to the unique form, can be considered fairly simple bringing the drone in to working order – the device is expanded at the touch of a button. The installed elevation sensor and six-axis gyro offer steadiness of flight, high maneuverability, aptitude to hang at a definite point, promptly unfold in space and gently land. Control above the flight and control of the “egg” K130 is conceded out via a smartphone using a distinct application. The transmission of video and photographic ingredients is possible at a distance of 40 meters through Wifi in real time.

In the drone Kai Deng K130 Alpha connected 0.3 MP camera (640×480), a battery for 200 mAh. The charging period of the Li-Po battery is up to 45 minutes. One of the benefits of the UAV is its high maintainability – the engine is actual easy to substitute even for an expert. The drone is converted into a working state rapidly, at the push of a switch. In this folded K130 has sizes of 64 * 50 * 50mm, as well as in working state – 126 * 126 * 64 mm. A small weight of the product – around 32 grams will not agree using a drone in the road – KaiDeng K130 Alpha would be swept even by a small breeze of wind. This device is modified for operation in expansive rooms, in small rooms a fast and navigable drone is also hard to control.

The WIFI allowed FPV camera is attached on the aircraft, to transmission the live video to the pilot on the earth so that the pilot is hovering the aircraft as if he/she is aboard the aircraft in its place of looking at it from the pilot’s real ground position.

The new K130 Alpha RC Quadcopter is a miniaturized clone of the premium Power Egg drone but it definitely does not come close to rival with the Power Egg specification, reproduced by the low cost of it. The K130 is just for amusing, a toy-grade copy for fun hovering at home and in the office. Droning ON have the first customer review of the Kai Deng K130 Alpha, an inventive drone giving a vision into just how far low-cost drone built-up has progressed. This is a toy-grade drone by basic functionality, however it is designed for fun as well as it does deliver on that at a low price sub-$50 (£45) by two different versions available.