Growing number of businesses—small industries or giant enterprises— give a strong momentum to data verification services. Leading organisations now have realized the harsh results of hiring fake employees. Third party verification is predominantly acquired by multiple businesses in order to ensure that the data furnished by job candidates is up-to-date and accurate. This process not only helps companies in streamlining the recruitment process, but also enhances the performance level. In present time frame, there are a great number of companies are available offering excellent data verification services. Such organisations have pool of competent resources that rigorously help businesses in comprehensive verification. With well-equipped infrastructure and efficient tools, these agents conduct the thorough verification and identify discrepancy if exists any.

Outsourcing third party verification service from a reliable source is a prudent decision to ensure utmost consistency. Such companies make use of cutting-edge technologies and efficient software to perform exhaustive and methodical examination of employees’ data. These agents are highly trained and skilled in this domain. With help of specialised tools, they can easily find out any error/discrepancy in data furnished by new job aspirants.

In this article, you can see the important features of employment verification services.

Comprehensive screening of employees: With the help of outsourcing services, companies can stay assured about the candidates as they will be hiring a valid candidates devoid of any criminal background. Outsourcing service providers specialised in data verification services have a team of skilled personnel who have right knowledge and extensive years of experience in this field. Whether it is previous employment screening or address verification, everything is verified smartly with these personnel. In case any discrepancy find out, they will share all the details with the company. Further, company can take the decision and prevent from hiring the fake candidates.

Domain expertise: Companies offering third party verification services have extensive years of experience and domain expertise in this domain. You don’t have to worry about the pre-employment screening process as it is thoroughly performed by the expert professionals. Outsourcing vendors periodically train their team of data verification agents and ensure that new aspirants’ background check is carried out properly. In this way, you can be rest assured about the candidate profile. Employment verification service is helpful in weeding out the candidates who have doubtful records.

Streamline HR process: It is quite obvious that your company have HR team for recruitment tasks. However, these HR professionals are already burdened with loads of core activities such as selecting candidate profile, managing employees’ salary records, attendance, and other day to day events. Therefore, considering employment verification services can alleviate the burden of this add-on task. Data verifiers with strong analytical skills can identify errors/ discrepancy from the records and helps in streamlining the complete recruitment process. Candidates profile is completely analysed by the data verification agents. So, you need not to consume much time in deciding whether you hire the same candidate or not. Also, this is helpful in getting the quick joining date to the genuine candidates.

Eliminate operational cost: There is no denying of the fact that setting up on-premise infrastructure may costs you high and you cannot evenly manage the core tasks. However, by outsourcing employment verification services, you can waive off these expenses and gain a competitive edge. In-house call centre setup require recruitment of manpower, maintenance of required infrastructure and installing required facilities. You can eliminate the extra expenses required on these activities by opting third party verification services. In this way, you can reduce the operational cost up to a great extent.

By outsourcing data verification services, you can prevent from the hazardous implications of hiring fraud candidates. In this service, all you need to do is pay monthly charges.