The telephone is the lifeline of any business. The traditional phone system is one thing that every business considers its reliable companion in ensuring flawless communication with its clients, multiple offices and the rest of the world. PBXs, landlines, corporate phone systems have been the backbone of most organizations for decades. But with the latest Office 365 Trial solutions, all that has changed more recently. The new Skype for Business Online solution in Office 365 is empowering organizations and their employees in ways never thought of before.

Skype for Business Online & Cloud PBX Feature

Empower Your Business With Office 365 For Telephony

Skype for Business Online has a cloud PBX feature that allows organizations of all sizes with multiple branch offices, or employees working from home, or multiple departments to rely on the system as their main phone system. You can also use it for your business’ virtual meeting and instant messaging needs. It also supports features such as connectivity to PSTN and voicemail. Some of the other main features that your employees can enjoy from the telephony system include:

  • Hold conference calls
  • Hold & resume calls even when they are in progress
  • Transfer calls within the Skype for Business contacts

All this can be done with the keyboard and mouse and without even the need for a handset. You can also use touchscreen systems into the picture.

The cloud PBX feature within Skype for Business provides all the right core features for empowering a more economical, efficient and easy-to-use telephone system. It has already been embraced by small to large-sized businesses and is considered the telephony system of the future. Your phones are connected right up to the cloud service. All this makes it the perfect alternative to the existing costly and often cumbersome PBX system. The cloud feature can be accessed from

Why Choose a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

When you are going to get the cloud-based telephony system for your business, you should get it from a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP). When you buy your Office 365 solution directly from Microsoft, there will be restrictions to directly approaching the company when you face issues. The company allows only a single, designated IT team administrator to contact. Even the designated IT admin has phone support access for limited issues which must be part of the official critical issues list. If you have problems which are beyond this list, you will not be able to get access the company.

However, when you buy the cloud-based telephony system from Office 365 Cloud Solution Provider like Apps4Rent, you will be able to access total end-user and service support. This Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) will provide you total support from installation to moving over to Office 365 which includes migration, getting onboard, deployment, and testing. The CSP provides 24×7 end-user supports via phone, email and live chat for resolving all kinds of issues that you may face even after having migrated.

Choosing the Best Tier 1 Microsoft CSP

Apps4Rent has a team of dedicated experts who will be assisting you in migrating to Office 365. Your in-house IT team will not have to figure out the processes themselves. Everything, including migration, onboarding, and deployment, will be handled by the Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. They will ensure that you will have zero downtime and there will be no data loss. The team will be helping you with creation of all the accounts, in handling the migration, and help in the provision of users.

Apps4Rent provides extended free end-user support which is available 24 by 7 and all days of the year. All phone calls and live chats have the highest response time of 60 seconds and emails have highest response time of 15 minutes. The Tier 1 Microsoft CSP has same-day issue resolution policy.

Another positive reason for choosing this CSP is that they provide the services and support solutions without charging you additionally. There is no difference in the Skype for Business Pricing – you will be paying the same whether you buy the service from Microsoft or the Tier 1 CSP.