Concepts for constructions are changing and this change has brought numerous benefits along with it. Engineers and architects were always in search of a new and innovative product, which they could include in their construction and create a structure that is way stronger.  Materials like wood, steel, iron and aluminium were used for centuries, but now it’s time to bid them farewell and give way to the new.  Though these conventional materials were used for years, but they have some disadvantages for which, you should opt for a new material and that’s FRP or commonly known as the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic.

Conventional materials had numerous restrictions; they used to get easily effected by rust and were also non-resistant to moisture, heat and electricity. Because of constant usage, the surface of these materials also gets damaged. Hence, the risk of falls and accidents gets much enhanced in commercial and industrial sectors. To overcome such issues, manufacturers came up with this new material and that’s fibreglass. Various products are manufactured out of this material like fibreglass ladders, cables trays, etc.

Enhanced Popularity Of FRP Materials In Commercial Areas

More about Fibreglass Materials:

FRP or Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic is basically a composite material and is manufactured by incorporating the process of pultrusion. A polymer mixture is used in this process consisting of FRP, carbon compounds, basalt, glass and aramid. This polymer is actually an eproxy, a “polyester thermosetting plastic” that consist of resin. Including resin within the material makes it more non-corrosive in nature. Products made out of this material are used in various industries like aeronautical, automobile, coastal and marine.

Here Are Some Exclusive Properties That Are Only Available With FRP:

  • Highly Robust
  • Spark resistant and non-magnetic in nature
  • Highly resistant to electricity, heat and moisture
  • Very easy to install and requires relatively no maintenance
  • Highly durable in nature a
  • Available in a wide variety of colours, size and shape.

Some Widely Used FRP Products in the Market:

Cable Trays and Ladders: Cable trays and ladders are quite popular in the market, especially when they are manufactured out of FRP. These structures are highly essential in the commercial and industrial sectors, where huge amount of cable wires are required to transport from one to the other, within one building.

Instrumentation Stands and Push Buttons: These are two most essential structures that are required for the construction of building and various other structures. Use of FRP made push buttons and instrumentation stands are more beneficial because they inherit all the beneficial and extra ordinary qualities, which are available only with fibreglass.

These are some, but there are numerous other products that are manufactured out of FRP materials. Most of these products are used in commercial and industrial sectors. But fibreglass ladders can also be used for residential purposes.