Creating artwork is your career and internet has made it easy for you to sell them. However, artists do make mistakes While selling their artwork at cheap rates. To progress quickly in right direction, you will need to avoid the errors given below.

Selling art to family or friends

Obviously, family or friends have your best intentions but are not knowledgeable about artwork. They are not aware that original artworks are valuable, which they basically cannot afford to buy. They buy your paintings at cheap rates with a good intention of helping you out.

You are aware that your art is worth more but still you sell your worthy creativity for just a few dollars… you are deceiving yourself. There will be a point when you will feel annoyed and bitter towards them. In addition, this bitterness can grow and hinder your painting abilities. Therefore, be careful when the subject is about family, friends, and artwork.

Giving your artwork as a gift is fine but selling at low prices can be bad. Therefore, find ways to deny them tactfully and lovingly.

Stay away from bargain basement

Internet is flooded with artists, who practically sell their masterpieces on low-end websites. Your brand image gets marred because your name gets linked with bargain websites that offer items to cheap customers. Your name is not an item, so avoid linking your name on such websites.

Customers buying from such sites are not art collectors but cheap customers. Worst thing about cheap customers is that they complain a lot. This can be more stressful and not help to develop your career.

Avoid street or art fairs

Street and art fairs are another kind of bargain crypt. Buyers are average people, who are unable to pay the value for creative artwork. You are not an average artist but create an original, innovative work of art. Therefore never be satisfied with low price quotes. Stay away from average buyers because this isn’t your market.

Remember there are people, who will recognize your skills and pay worthy price for your art. You will need to find such people.

Compete with wrong markets

On your blog or website, be careful to avoid working towards wrong market like the home décor. You are not creating home décor, so never lower your prices and make an attempt to compete in this sector.

Ignore social media

Having your personal artwork website or blog is not sufficient to develop your career. Social media gives you vast exposure and you can be successful in finding the right art collector.

How to find art people?

If you are an artist then place yourself and even your artwork in variety of possible ways to grab attention of art lovers and buyers. Nobody will buy, if they are not aware or cannot see. Therefore, be active in art community and online.

  • Participate in open studios and regular shows
  • Enter in exhibitions art people respect
  • Regularly update your online profile
  • Look for opportunities to access art websites either through blog posts, interviews or coverage that includes your work.

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