Some would argue that there’s really no right or wrong way of going about buying a mattress, just as long as it gets the job done and doesn’t cost too much. Sadly though, that’s not the way the experts tell it as while the basic job of a mattress may be simple enough, the effect our beds can have on our health is quite enormous to say the least.

According to the experts at, there’s technically no such thing as being too careful or selective when it comes to buying beds and mattresses. We spend a third of our lives sleeping on top of them, the other time we spend lounging around in bed doing other things – more time combined than we spend doing anything else at all. As such, it’s hardly surprising that doctors and experts alike are adamant that we should be spending more time and investing more effort in the bed-buying process instead of just choosing the first bargain that comes along.

Here’s a quick rundown of the ten golden rules for bed and mattress buying from those who know them best:

1 – Replace Your Mattress Every Eight Years

As a rule of thumb, a mattress should be replaced every eight years as this is usually the point at which the materials both inside and out start to degrade. That being said, this usually only applies to mattresses of decent quality as those that are thrown together for the cheapest possible prices will often fall apart after a year or two.

2 – Two Halves Make a Whole

Never fall into the trap of assuming you can compensate for a terrible mattress with a great bed, or vice versa. For example, there’s no point in spending hundreds of pounds on a great mattress only to then plonk it on the floor with no bed beneath it. A great bed means having a great frame and an equally great mattress – no half measures allowed!

3 – Listen To Your Body

You can listen to all of the advice in the world when it comes to choosing the right mattress for you, but above all else it’s your body that will tell you what to do. Put simply, if you are comfortable and able to get a good night’s sleep, this is the mattress for you. Whether it’s hard, soft or somewhere in the middle, your body will almost always tell you what’s best for you.

4 – No Hop-Ons

You know that quick 30-second hop-on most do when it comes to trying out the mattresses in stores? The truth is they may as well not be bothering as there’s absolutely no way of gauging what the bed is really like without at least 15 minutes or so and a good few positions tried out. In addition, you’ll also need to have your sleeping partner with you to do the same…if you have one.

5 – Size Matters

Is it true to say that bigger is better? Not necessarily, but at the same time the worst thing you can do is take home a mattress or bed that’s too small. You need to make sure none of your body parts are hanging over the edges and that both you and your other half have plenty of wiggle room.

6 – Pre-Loved?

There’s a pretty huge market for used mattresses these days and there are indeed some good ones in there to be found. Sadly, there are also vastly larger quantities of damaged, worn out, counterfeit and downright dangerous mattresses that come up for resale that good ones. If you’re planning to buy a pre-loved mattress, proceed with extreme caution…or better yet, think twice.

7 – Brand Buyers

Try not to read too much into brand names as while some brands are of course known for quality, brand name alone does not guarantee you the ideal bed and mattress.

8 – Check Allergens

The very last thing you want to end up with is a mattress that’s wonderfully comfortable though wholly unusable due to the fact that you are allergic to it. If you have any allergies or sensitivities, make sure they won’t be affected by the mattress you buy.

9 – Patience

If you’re making the switch to a new mattress, accept the fact that it might take you a day, a couple or even a week to get used to it. Don’t just decide it’s not for you on day one.

10 – Remember the Bedding

Last up, the bedding you pick up will play just as important a role in the sleep you get as anything else – maybe now’s the time to invest in a quality set of new bedding, too?