URL Extractor is a simple tool used for extract URL of a site. Links are of two types, one is External links and other is internal links. It is also extract images and Meta tags etc. You can also check the number of links that your page have. This link extractor tool showed the link text and line in your page html code and extracts all the tags of a page. This Extract Link URLs Online is a beneficial tool for SEO purpose. It is an easy to use and powerful program.

URL Extractor work very easily, firstly browsing a web page you want to check for links without http://www  after that click on Extract Link button  then result will be displayed and save resulting URL including description, keywords, title and meta tags. We can also save this result with the help of export to excel file. URL Extractor is a robust tool.

URL Extractor work properly all types of browser because it is tested all browsers. This tool extracts your web page address in a few second. Online URL Extractor is the extraction of terms from a text through a web service. Get Links from URLs Easily. Link Extractor is developed a handy and reliable utility to grab all links from a URL. URl Link Extractor can process a wide range of file.

This tool helps you to Extract all domain. URL Extractor is useful to collect all the domain of URL. You can also use this tool to extract all spam.

URL Extractor allows you to significant features of site, so you can check detail of any site using this tool like keywords, Meta tags and images. URL Extractortool is design for the help of webmasters. Using this tool webmaster easily check the make information regarding updates of title, Meta tags and descriptions.

Advantages of URL Extractor:

  • The extracted URL is ready to be stored on disk for later use for any purpose.
  • It has a lot of other internal improvements and fixes that make it much more productive to use.
  • The user can, during extraction, the URLs watch, which fills the table while they are being extracted.
  • It can support all type of search engine
  • No need of download, registration and any type of installation.
  • Extract all links from any Internet page.
  • It is extremely fast, easy to use and with a wide range of function.
  • URL Extractor is a flexible URL Extract tool for SEO research.
  • Your work will be done quickly and effectively by using this tool.
  • Extract any type of link and text.

URL Extractor is the fastest extractor program on the internet as compared to other URL extractor tools. It has all properties of any competitive URL extracting tool.