The people say, “How do you be called a boat, so it will float.” This applies to all, with what people face in their daily lives. Let’s try to understand how this rule works for our privacy.

First Date - A Test Of Strength4

Are you ready? 

First date – it’s quite important event in the lives of young people. It could be a start of a relationship, but can – false start. It depends on many factors and causes. Of course, the most important reason is the degree of seriousness with which young people meets. If the date does not imply a development of romantic relationship, but only a pastime, something special preparation does not require it. But if you are interested in the person with whom you’re meeting, then must be some kind of training.

First Date - A Test Of Strength3

I think not even worth talking about girls’ preparation for this event. Make-up, hairstyle, outfit – the obvious steps, but essential. Only by being confident in your appearance, you can be sure that he will definitely remember. There are no questions, no complaints. Well done, girls! Keep it up!

Another thing guys … I’m not saying that such cases are all the time, but there are, nevertheless, quite often. It’s about what kind of errors can prevent guys and thereby alienate the girl. Of course, there are a lot of points of perfect dating but we will speak about some of them.

“Fashion Week” 

Dear guys, I want to ask you about something: if you are going on a date, after wear your “outfit”, stand before the mirror, carefully look at yourself and answer yourself one question: if the girl came to me in this form then what would be her chance to leave a positive impression of yourself?

Needless to say, there are a lot of fashion styles and everyone dressed in view of their taste preferences and financial capabilities. But! As much as you loved sporty style, leave sweatpants for classes in the gym!

Let the guys are not so often and a lot of new things pleasing herself as a girl, but in your wardrobe should be good jeans and classic pants and on the shelf with running shoes must be a place for a pair of shoes. In the same way as you would like to see beside your beautiful neat girl, this girl wants to see a neat young man, and not something that has grown together with his “outfit” and does not change it under any circumstances.


Mr. Einstein’s

If everything looks clear, then let’s talk more about what to talk about on a date. It’s just a sore spot!

And so the first question that “removes points” – “Tell me about yourself.” Firstly, the question suggests that you do not know what you’re interested to know. And secondly, personally me it introduces to a standstill. What should I say? Date of birth, height, weight, favorite color, what I have ate for breakfast, what hurt? This, of course, sarcasm, but a clear illustration of what happens in the head of the girl when she hears the same question from a guy.

First Date - A Test Of Strength1

Think about what you’re interested to know about your companion, not charging the stories of your many friends, its can be remember when you decide to introduce her with these same friends, and most importantly – do not be boring! Of course, you are the most intelligent, charming and attractive, but leave the pathos at home. If this is true, she will tell your about it herself. It is not necessary to extol himself. You will not be awarded an Oscar for it.

Once on a date a guy offered me to play a game. I had to tell him three stories about my life, but one of them should be not truthful. I will not say that it was delight, but has made diversity in our fellowship.

First Date - A Test Of Strength

First date – it’s a kind of exam. It is necessary to prepare for it because you cannot pass it once more. Do not be lazy! Responsibility for its success rests mostly on you. If you value and importance of this girl, then try for her, be a gentleman. Believe me, your labors be rewarded, but a little later.