Ice bucket challenge took the world by storm last year with celebrities from various parts of the world taking part in it. While it brought about unity in people on a global scale, lot of them actually forgot the sole purpose for which it was actually started. It was actually started to create awareness and also help in research on ALS disease. While this goes about on one side, experts also find other ways to overcome this disease in people. Dr. Vincent Tedone has found a possible cure through his research on this disease also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. His deanna protocol procedure is a very simple to follow technique by all people who are affected by this problem.

Purpose and its benefit on people suffering from this disease

Similar to any other neurodegenerative disease, ALS also affects the nerve cells in brain and also that of their spinal cord, thereby making them unable to perform any body movements. There are not any specific medicines due to which Dr Vincent focused on natural methods. It is from this process that Deanna protocolwas actually born, which not just reduces the effect of this disease in people but also elongates their life for a longer period. This process combines all the natural substances which can help in reducing this effect on a person into a single product. This naturally reduces the number of medicines that a patient would have to consume for their treatment, and thereby overall cost for medicines. These products can be found in various forms that can be suitable for different kinds of patients based on their level of criticality. This method works in a simple manner, which just increases imagery to all cells in a body. The main product used in this product is AAKG, apart from other products such as GABA, Ubiquinol and also NADH. All this forms a part of ketogenic diet, which is actually a high fat and also a low carb diet. Coconut oil also plays an important part in this ketogenic diet, which can help in reducing the effect of ALS in a person. A patient suffering from this disease must consume as many number of this product on a daily basis, to have the effect to reduce down substantially. One can purchase this supplement through various outlets that sell this product at a very cheap price for the benefits of the people.