Oculus Rift offers a great selection of games and apps, but up until recently there was no way to backup or transfer this data. Now, thanks to AOMEI, that has created the first backup solution for Oculus Rift — vrBackupper. It aims to help players to enjoy the advanced technology that Oculus Rift offers, without worrying about losing their data or not having enough space for installing new games or apps.

One of the worst nightmares when you play a game is that your progress is lost after restarting the game, or reinstalling Oculus Rift. All the time and effort that you spent could be gone in an instant. So backing up is crucial for avid gamers that don’t want to loss anything they have achieved within a game and vrBackupper is the ideal tool to help. It is a practical and easy to use solution to backup your VR game settings including equipment, saved progress, the level you have reached in the game and gold. You will be able to continue the game from where you last saved it. vrBackuppper gives you the possibility of choosing the backup solution that better suits your needs. You can either backup the entire Oculus installation directory, or backup only games and apps.

Free Oculus Backup Software - vrBackupper Review

Oculus VR games can only be stored in the installation directory of Oculus that affects users when it comes to storage space. Furthermore, old versions of Oculus can only be installed on system partition. This means that when you try to download new games, you are likely to find out that there is not enough space to complete the installation. vrBackupper takes care of this issue by allowing you to move the Oculus installation directory and all its data to another (non-C) drive so that to make room for downloading new games.

Additionally, if you want to enjoy your games in a more powerful machine, you won’t need to download them again on the new computer. vrBackupper gives you the possibility of transferring Oculus Rift games to another computer. It lets you backup the Oculus installation directory from one computer, and easily restore the games to another computer. It makes things simple and quick, giving you more time to enjoy your gaming experience.

Free Oculus Backup Software - vrBackupper Review

Overall vrBackupper is a comprehensive and very convenient way to take control over your Oculus Rift data. It will help you to avoid losing your data or your personalized settings. It is also convenient when you need to move your Oculus data to another computer. What’s better, it’s FREE and easy to install. Once it is running, you’ll discover a simple interface that gives you access to all the functions supported. At last, please note this freeware only support to install on Windows 10 64bit computers.


vrBackupper is only designed to backup and restore Oculus Rift and its games, if you need full scale PC backup software, you are recommended to use AOMEI Backupper. The latest Version 4.0.2 added many new features, such as added real-time file sync and support to backup or sync files to cloud drive. You will love it!