As a parent to a new born baby, your world must be filled with happiness. There is nothing in this world that brings more joy than to welcome the birth of a baby. But with all the happiness comes added responsibilities to take care of the baby. Babies demand constant attention, you can’t leave them on their own. Some parents find it a bit difficult to cope up with the new responsibilities. It might seem a bit hard initially but believe us; it gets easier as the days go by. We have written this article for those parents who find it hard to amuse their babies. Sometimes babies don’t respond to plastic toys. Don’t worry if your baby is not interested in them. It’s quite normal. In this article we will tell you some fun and exciting activities that you can do with your baby in order to keep him amused and happy.

  • Your Touch is the Best Activity:

In the first 3 months babies are not that active. They simply keep lying and occasionally cry when they are hungry. During such initial stages the best thing you can do to amuse your baby is to touch him gently every once in a while so that he becomes familiar with your smell and touch. Over the time your baby will start to recognize your voice and will respond to your touch by trying to grab you. Be ready to capture that first moment when he reaches out for you in amusement.

  • Dance with your Baby:

Put on some light music, nothing too heavy and don’t even think about Guns and Roses. Keep the volume levels a bit low, just loud enough to be heard in the room. Now pick your baby up and slowly start dancing. Some babies respond very well to this activity. It has also been noticed that babies often start to recognize music and respond to it. During the first few days sway your baby gently, as he gets used to such movements and starts to enjoy them you can start to swing him up and down. Most of the babies like this transition but if your baby starts crying then just keep up with gentle swaying instead of swinging him. As you get tiered, put your baby down and make some funny movements. Don’t feel shy, babies like funny movements and laugh a lot when their parents dance to odd jazz tunes.

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