The increasing gas prices can take a toll on your wallet. Regardless if you are using a gas-guzzler SUV or a fuel-efficient smart car, here are some tips that you can follow to save a couple of dollars off your gas expenses and get more miles per gallon from your vehicle.

Drive Smart, Save Gas

You can’t always blame it on your vehicle if you are spending way too much on gas. A lot of car owners do not realize this but the most significant and effective way to save gas is YOU!

  • Don’t drive aggressively. Driving aggressively on city streets or highways can significantly lower your gas mileage because accelerating and braking abruptly can use up your gas faster. Going easy on the breaks and gas pedal can save 35% of your gas consumption.
  • Too much idling is bad. When your car is sitting idle for more than a minute, it uses up gas without getting any mileage. Warming up your vehicle should only take about half a minute. If you have to wait for longer than that, it is wiser to turn off the engine. This is also applicable when you’re stuck in a barely moving traffic.
  • Follow speed limits. Driving within the speed limit does not only keep you safe or keep you away from a speeding ticket; it also helps you conserve gas. You get lower gas mileage whenever you drive above 60 mph.
  • Travel light. Additional weight in your car decreases gas mileage. So if you have unnecessary stuff in the car, don’t forget to empty your trunk before hitting the road.
  • Plan ahead. Before starting your trip, check a map app to find the shortest route to the destination. You can also check the roads for traffic and roadblocks so you can avoid them.
  • Know when to fill up. Wait until your gas reaches the 1/4 mark before filling up your tank. This allows you to find a better deal on gas while carrying around less weight.
  • Regular car maintenance is important. It is also for your safety and tune up, replacing air filter or changing car oil can significantly lessen your gas consumption.

More Practical Ways to Save Gas

It’s quite simple, really. Drive only when you really have to. If possible, you can carpool. If your destination is only a few blocks or streets away, take a walk or ride a bike. Use public transportation like the subway or a bus. If you have several errands, combine your trips instead of going back and forth. These can reduce your fuel consumption considerably.

Follow these simple and easy tips and be surprised at how much you save on gas.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited has the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer, where their expert staff can get your car back on the road in no time.