A stock market is a place where one can invest small to a large amount in the stocks of various companies. People usually invest in such companies to get some extra income from the profiting companies which they share to the stockholders in the form of dividends. However, it is not a big amount but the increase in the value of the stocks can help one to get excellent profits in long run. However, those who love to make some money with calculative risk; the day trading is also a good option.

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The trading: There are two types of trades one can go for. They are known as intraday trading and derivatives also known as futures and options. A trader can buy the stock at one point of time and within the same trading session, if he sells the same, it is known as day trading. One can buy the stock at a low rate and sell the same once the rate is increased during the session. In another case, if one feels that the rate will go down in some time he can sell the stock first and buy it later which is also called inverse trading. However, in any case, one needs to have the knowledge of the companies as well as finance market. There are the number of brokers in this market and one can go for the top 10 stock brokers in India if he wants to have the right information and perfect market analysis as well as client service.

The market: The stock market functions for a few hours on weekdays and one can go for trading during this time period only. There are two systems according to which one can go for the trading. They are known as offline trading and online trading.

  • Offline Trading: The offline trading is a system where the client is provided assistance of a terminal operator. He keeps watching the change of rates in the market and also an overall trend. The client who wants to go for a trade needs to call him and ask for the purchase or sale of some stocks. He can place the order and once it is executed also let the client know about the creation of his position. Same is the process for sale of the stocks also. For a client, it is a very easy system as he is supported by the operator and hence he does not need to worry about the market.
  • Online Trading: In the online account one has to place the order on his computer only. Hence he must have an internet connection and knowledge about how to place the order. He does not need to call the branch or broker for his any requirement. He is provided online support in case of any technical issues. In this age, there is also application based trading where one can trade with the help of a smartphone also. However, in this case, one needs to have the internet connection on his smartphone too.