As our economies continue to develop towards an ever more international, globalised state, it is increasingly important to have dealings with or holdings in companies abroad. This is true for the smallest of companies to the largest of corporations. With globalisation, you have the potential to make the whole world your market. For certain types of companies, that can mean establishing official holdings overseas.

Switzerland has long been a bastion of international trade and commerce. Establishing a foothold in Switzerland can be a huge boon for your company. This quick guide can help you get started legally and financially incorporating your company into Switzerland.

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First and foremost, you’re going to want to know how much company formation processes are going to cost. That’s why the best such companies work to provide their clients with up-front estimates as to those costs. Simply call for a quote and get an idea as to the financial feasibility of such moves.

The Process of Getting Your Company Registered

The process by which your company can become incorporated into and thus operate within Switzerland requires several steps. The best firms that handle company formation in Switzerland can assist you every step of the way, including with the following steps:

  • Preparing Paperwork: There are many forms so documentation which you will need. These include documentation of your company’s foundation, your filled out copy of a Memorandum and Articles of Association (which is to be completed in German), more paperwork which will be filled out, signed, and notarised at a notary meeting, and documentation ofthe incorporation of your company in accordance with the Commercial Registry for Company Registration. This entire process can take between two to three weeks.
  • Setting Up Accounts: Once all that has been completed, you’ll be able to start setting up shop in Switzerland. Company formation experts can help you do this in the best and most efficient manner possible. They can also help with financial or legal steps which require Swiss assistance. For example, by Swiss law, all law accounting records of your company’s dealings must be maintained in Switzerland.
  • Smaller Tasks: In addition to these big, company-establishing tasks, experts can help you get the little things right as well, including filling out letterheads properly, setting up templates for invoices, registering your company for the Swiss VAT (should that prove applicable), overseeing other financial processes, and much more.

Experience You Can Trust

Setting up shop in Switzerland can be a hugely rewarding endeavour. With that said, as the above might indicate, there are many steps which need to be completed with the utmost care and accuracy. That’s why the best Swiss company formation professionals can point to decades of experience and a long track record helping overseas clients get settled in Switzerland.

Do business in Switzerland a better way with the help of experts in Swiss company formation today!