“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure” – if we go by this quote of Bill Gates, we could surely connect to Chris Keehner. The real steel man of today, Chris Keehner has come a long way to make D-S Pipe & Steel Supply, LLC where it is today. It takes in a lot of hard work and sacrifice to taste success and so did Chris Keehner. Starting from scratch is often easy but it often becomes difficult to grow something from a point where someone had already started it. For Chris the journey was like that.

He was not the one who founded the company. John W. Keehner in the year 1979 started this journey of Pipes and steel with three of his fellow founder members. D-S Pipe & Supply, LLC is the company that was formed. This started as a family wholesale distributor but later on turned out to become a full-fledged company under the leadership of Chris Keehner. John started this family business with just 7 employees and just one truck. They had a warehouse of 27,000 square feet. However the plan was to grow the business with joining the steel dealing in it.

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In the year 2007, Chris’ hard work paid off any D-S Steel Supply LLC came to form and in 2011 merged with DS Pipe & Supply Co. It was because of Chris Keehner’s hard work and determination, the firm tripled in size. The man force also increased with 4 veterans of the field joining the team and 110 full-time employees working day-in and day-out to deliver the best in the steel business. Today, Chris has brought the company to such a place where they have 19 trucks that covers almost 5 states.

Along with Sean W. Keehner, Chris has taken his family business to such a height where sky is limit for them. Starting from structural steel to pipes, valves, fitting and accessories, D-S Pipe and Steel Supply LLC has it all. The added advantage that one gets from them is the value-added service. Based on the industry specification, Chris’ company gives value addition with quality service and expert advice to people seeking for it.

The service of D-S Pipe & Steel Supply LLC covers area starting from Maryland to D.C., Virginia, Delaware and few parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and West Virginia. What you get at D-S is quality product. They have premier lines from the industry and has more than 120 different products that is essential for industries. The primary focus is always on steel, ball valves, grove fittings, weld fittings, pipe, globe and butterfly. With a massive inventory to satisfy each and every customer, Chris Keehner with his company is here to rule.

His mastermind, hard work and determination combined with knowledge and business expertise took the company where it is today. And, it has all the possibilities to reach to the top in the the coming days and rule the steel business.