Being environmentally and community friendly is something we should all strive for. Every member of society is important and, in an ideal world, should contribute to it. We are not only talking about being aware of the community system and other people, but nature as well. This is something that our society is based on and we should all try to take a part in it. It would be a great thing to have a career where you can be helpful and do much for the environment and society. Here is a list of some professions that will not only help your budget, but will impact the lives of your fellow humans.


There are jobs in this field that can have a great effect on our environment. A career in environmental engineering will allow you to deal with some of the big issues, such as pollution control or public health. Your job could also be to control air quality, since air pollution is a serious issue we are facing on a daily basis. Handling hazardous waste is another potential duty for an environmental engineer. All of the above can be quite difficult and leave you exposed to pollutants. Still, it is a great profession and it can have a positive effect on the environment.


A job that gives back to the community does not have to deal directly with nature. A career in education is a great example of that, where you can teach young generations about their future jobs and the basics of being a good citizen. Teachers are people who make sure that future generations know exactly what they should do and how to do it. Education is one of the key components of our community, however, it is not among the best paid or respected ones, especially at the level of public primary and secondary education. Pack a lot of enthusiasm when starting a career as an educator.

Giving Back: Career ChoicesFarming

This is another great, environmentally-friendly option. Growing organic products is a necessity in this day and age, as we continue to grow in numbers. You can find a job at an already established farm or even start your own and sell organic products. This is a great business idea and it keeps you in touch with nature.


What helps more than actually saving people’s lives? A career in medicine, where you help others with their health issues. This requires a lot of patience and an intrinsic motivation to do good. Any field of medicine or pharmacy has a positive effect on people, whether from direct care or by studying diseases that still pose a problem, such as various types of cancer, Ebola, or a myriad of less-known ones.


Every larger town has a recycling program and this is something you can become a part of. Recycling is an important part of our community, since all the waste from the special bins for plastic, cans and paper has to go somewhere and what better place than a recycling factory where they can go back to being materials for new products. Getting a CHC50612 diploma in community services will help you on your way to achieve your goals of helping the world with a meaningful career.

All of these jobs offer a solid paycheck and an opportunity to help the environment, however, they also require an effort in terms of education or simply funds that you might lack. Still, if you do manage to get into one of the professions listed above you will not only make an honest living, but also have the added benefit of being an altruist.