Many athletes require specific supplements to boost the physical performance to the optimal level. In many cases, it isn’t possible to rely only on food to gain nutrients. Due to their increased physical activities, it is important for athletes to gain concentrated amount of specific substances and nutrients. Obtaining concentrated amount of these nutrients can be quite difficult to do in normal ways.

In this case, we should make sure that we choose proper types of nutrients, so we are able to gain peak performance safely without harming our overall health. One of the more popular supplements that we can get is glutamine. It is useful for increasing muscle recovery, improving strength and adding muscle growth. Glutamine is also considered as anti-catabolic and it can prevent our muscle tissue from being converted into energy by our body.

Glutamine is actually a type of amino acid and it is one of the more abundant forms. Like other types of amino acids, it plays a significant role in improving our metabolism. We should be able to gain muscle recovery by reducing muscle breakdown and increasing protein synthesis. If our muscle has more glutamine, the rate of cells production should increase. Glutamine isn’t only useful for our body, it is also essential for our immune system and digestive tract. Repeated physical exercise could deplete the amount of glutamine in our body. In this case, our body won’t be able to produce sufficient amount of glutamine. This could result in reduced muscle growth, which is something that many body builders seek to avoid.

Glutamine supplementation should provide us with ample amount of the substance, which is needed in our daily activities. Not only sufficient amount of glutamine can prevent muscle breakdown, we should also be able to gain proper situation to produce enough muscle cells for further growth. Glutamine brings more fluid into our cells and this process is also known as cell volumizing. This should be a powerful signal for our body to produce additional proteins.

Another substance that we should get is ZMA and it is beneficial for specific purposes, such as better healing ability, increased muscle recovery, strength gain and muscle growth. ZMA is a unique formula that contains vitamin B6, covalently-bound zinc/magnesium aspartate and zinc-l-monomethionine. ZMA is designed to improve the absorption of magnesium in our body, especially during peak times. The substance should allow us to perform repairs in our body. This will result in significantly reduced recovery time during exercise session and higher muscle growth rate.

ZMA has been clinically tested and it should provide enough nutritional supports to allow us get more benefits for our own body. In essence, ZMA isn’t a hormone precursor or pro-hormone. It means that ZMA should affect our blood hormone levels adversely. Rather, it should allow us to support the anabolic hormone level in our body. Magnesium and zinc can be found mostly in wheat germ, oysters and beef liver. With ZMA, we should be able to boost zinc and magnesium absorption, this should allow us to gain more benefits for our body. We could gain increased strength and additional muscle growth.