Email templates allow administrators to generate reusable content for the topic line and message body of email notification. Templates convey consistent info on specific system actions and perk up the efficiency of create multiple email notification for alike actions. If essential, you can make slight changes on the fly to an email that use a template by overriding the topic line and message body content in the notice form. An ordinary practice is to describe the message body in a template as well as create new subject lines for diverse types of recipients. There is no limit to the amount of templates that you could create.

With nearly 50% of e-mail opened on mobile devices, it’s significant to keep small screens in mind. We present plenty of mobile optimization guidelines, inspiration as well as resources on the Litmus blog—as well as starting today, we are also offering pre-tested as well as bulletproof responsive template for your next campaign.

FreshMail present an email template market with tons of gorgeous, pre-tested templates that would work with any ESP—and their talented-team has shaped Litmus-exclusive templates that are now accessible to download for free! Each template is responsive and has been methodically Litmus-tested (yes that means they yet work in Outlook, Gmail, as well as the rest of those tricky customers!). They as well come with PSD source files thus you can tweak as well as modify to your heart’s content.

FreshMail provides stunning, responsive email templates that appear great on any device. Editing is improved with a click-to-remove edge called the Canvas that simplifies customization. You can decide to create messages with the new FreshMail editor in addition to the existing WYSIWYG HTML editor.

FreshMail provide default templates for each of these e-mail, but you are free to edit them to fit your business’ requirements. We expose a number of variables for you to use in every email template. 

We’ve put together this set of wonderful awesome email templates in order that you can make your email campaign responsive!

Responsive, you say?

Yep. With more plus more people pulling out their phone to check their email, we know there had to be an easier means to ensure campaigns looked superior on any device. That’s why we of late made all our email campaign responsive. And so we did.

Since releasing this responsive template, we have been working tough on a responsive email frame work.

You can’t just paste the HTML code in to an email. You will need to use an email campaign tool for instance Campaign Monitor or MailChimp. These tools will format the email with the HTML code you give, and they’ll as well move the CSS inline automatically, ensure that it will render in the bulk of email clients.

Just as most web designers take a ‘design-first’ approach to their projects; we’re going to cover up the visual side of create a mobile-optimized email newsletter in this guide, before going elbows-deep in to coding. This will help you make knowledgeable decisions while next planning an email newsletter templates, plus make this that much easier to conceptualize the technique.