Even in the Australian climate, it gets cold at times of the year, and a cosy fireplace in the living room adds that little extra warmth and cosiness. Modern fireplace designs allow for a range of styles and fuel options, and if you are thinking about adding a fireplace this year, here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

  • Seamless Gas Fireplace – The perfect addition to any contemporary room, a seamless gas fireplace is both sleek and stylish, and with an Australian driftwood log set you have the ideal cosy ambience for those long winter evenings. The programmable thermostat control makes it easy to achieve the ideal temperature, and with Wi-Fi settings, remote control is possible. The double glazed glass panel allows the attractive burning log effect to permeate throughout the room, and with the best quality unit, your new fireplace will last for many years.
  • Open Wood Fireplace – For those who prefer the natural feel of a real wood fire, there are excellent designs on the market, and with removable ash trays, maintenance is kept to a minimum. The range of decorative fascias and fittings allow you to accommodate any style, and fully insulated fireboxes mean a safe environment. Colours are varied, as are designs, and with online suppliers of well-known brands, you can soon find the perfect unit for your home.
  • Exterior Use – Some homeowners prefer the fireplace to be in their al fresco area, and this is possible, should you wish to add some warmth and colour to your terraced area. The design incorporates a heat exchange system for optimum efficiency, and with the help of the supplier, finding the ideal unit is not an issue.
  • High Efficiency Open Plan fires – Modern fireplace designs allow for large open areas to be efficiently heated by a single unit, and with a choice of logs, pebbles, or stones, you can create the perfect ambience. It is also possible to heat a second room with this type of fire by installing ducting, and with high efficiency, this type of fire can heat even the largest of rooms. In the colder months, simply set the thermostat to the desired temperature for when you get up in the morning, and you can say goodbye to those chilly starts.
  • Choice of Metallic Colours – Stainless steel fascias come in a range of colours, with beige, chrome, and metallic red all popular choices, and there are also painted models that offer even more of a colour selection. The range is such that there is no limit to the combinations, and with the new fireplace as the focal point of the room, the warm and relaxing ambience will be most welcome.

If you are thinking about having a fireplace installed, talk to an online supplier, as they have a wide range of modern units, and with quality units at affordable prices, anyone can add a touch of stylish warmth to their home.