It is great to have the next tour or the vacation settled for the cause of visiting the innocent animals whose lives are greatly preserved in the sanctuaries across India. These are animals being grouped by DSF and it is a pleasure to visit them as part of the trip. There are lots of organizations helping the habitats and they even work for the sake of biodiversity and DSF is one among them. With the help of this platform there are sanctuaries being arranged in several of the world and now you can easily visit the animals that may not have been on this earth due to several earthy and non earthy issues.

The Russian Sanctuary to Visit

In fact, DSF or Dancing Star Foundation has to go a long way in making lives easy for both the domestic and the wild animals. If you ever visit Russia make sure to have a trip to the place where a local staff has preserved the life of five hundred dogs and he has preserved cats and native owls. It is a matter of pride to witness the dedication of the person who feels his responsibility to look after the animals and make them safe at one place.

The Great Sanctuaries to Visit

There is even a place in India where you can see the native donkey sanctuary. Here you find the existence of a fabulous breed of equine. It is known as Miranda and this is a donkey sanctuary located in India. In Bhutan too you find the most exemplary dog sanctuary and this is a sanctuary being stationed on three acres of land. So, now you can have an idea regarding the expanse of the land. It is great pleasure visiting these places with all the rare animals in possession. Thus, when organizing trips to these locales, make sure that you visit the places of wildlife and domestic life preservation. It would be a matter of pleasure to felicitate the attempts just by having a tour of the places.

The Commendable Iberian Wolf Sanctuary

As part of the DSF attempt, you can even visit the Iberian Wolf Sanctuary and this is based in Portugal. The Portuguese wolves were on the verge of extinction and this is when Francisco Fonseca started conserving the lives of the wolf to preserve and present this unique specie to the world. So when you go for a Portugal tour never miss out this one. You have the Iberian Wolf Sanctuary based on 40 acres of land and here you even get to see all the native trees and this even includes cork. So, you have all the attractions of fauna and flora based in one place for complete and full time enjoyment.

The Fabulous New Zealand Ecological Preserve

If you ever visit New Zealand never miss out the view of DSF Ecological Preserve. This is a special bird sanctuary being organized and created with the efforts of all the big men. Here species have been transferred from the Ulva Island and at the place you even get to see the smallest bird in New Zealand and the Brown Creeper. You get to see specie known as Riflemen and here you would be told about the unique breeding behaviour of the bird. Thus, Dancing Star Foundation has done a great job in making attempts to preserve the lives of the rare birds and animals and this time when you are on a tour in any one of these destinations please make sure to arrange for a visit to these fabulous sanctuaries.