If you just love spending time around infants, then there are some exciting careers dealing with babies. In these careers most of your time will be spent in dealing with the babies in some or the other way. Children demand a lot of love, care, attention, understanding and patience. Thus, if you have all these qualities and are passionate enough to deal with babies, then you can certainly make a very bright and promising career in this field.

Here is the list of some amazing careers with babies- 

  • Open or work in a child care center

The best way to start a career where you will get to work with babies is to either work in a child care center or to become an owner of one. It requires minimal education and not much expertise as such. But if you have done any specialized course in child care previously then it will be an added advantage.

  • Become a pediatrician

For becoming a pediatrician you need to have a medical degree for the same and you will get to deal with a lot of babies as well as children because it is a job of child’s physician providing complete treatment for any type of illness related to new born, babies and children.

  • Job of being a nanny 

A nanny is supposed to take care of all the things related to a baby and it involves preparing their meals and doing other house related activities also for the baby. By this way you can work at somebody’s home or if you wish you can provide the services at your own place also.

  • Teacher for babies

If you understand kids well then you can become a teacher who deals with children aging from few months to few years. You can train them while growing up, so that they can learn the basic things on their own.

  • Become a baby photographer

If you love to click pictures and are passionate about kids then baby photography is the right career for you. Having a professional degree in photography can help you a lot and you just need to make the kids comfortable so that they are able to give their best pose while smiling.

  • Therapist for babies

 For being a pediatric therapist you need a medical degree and you will get to deal with babies having injuries, any sort of disability, pain, difficulty in body movement, any type of illness etc. With your knowledge, love and care you can treat them in an exceptional way. You can also consider being a massage therapist where a medical degree is not needed, but you may just require a short term program for its knowledge.

  • Obstetrician, midwife and nurse 

Obstetrician is a physician’s roleand thus you need to have a medical degree for it. You will be required to assist pregnant ladies and in the delivery process of babies. Being a nurse for babies or a nurse specializing in child birth also requires being qualified from a nursing program. The job of Midwife does not require any medical degree as such but you need to be specialized and knowledgeable enough in your work.

These all career choices are the most opted one if you love spending your time with babies and are concerned for their overall well being.