Many things damage the buildings and houses; black mold is one of them. Mold is a dangerous problem that costs a lot of money if occurred. It not only damages the property but affects health in many ways. Mold needs some specific environmental conditions to grow. These conditions are

  • Moisture
  • Darkness
  • Hot weather
  • Some food source
  • And mold spores

Rain causes humidity and in result mold is produced. Sometimes, the humidity is high due to sea area. Here, the mold grows again and again. Use of humidifiers in homes also cause mold growth. So, the temperature of the humidifiers should be set low so they do not result in mold production because at some places, the use of these humidifiers is inevitable. Check regularly for the leakage in pipes to prevent mold. To get rid of humidity or moisture in homes or larger buildings like factories and go downs, exhaust fans are used. They are used to get a moisture free environment for the better production of things. They also prevent moisture for the growth of mold and keep the area ventilated. Well aired area has a good effect on the health and temperament of the workers also.

Fans are available in small sizes to be used in homes. These can be fitted in basements, kitchens, bathrooms and attics also. They will keep your homes moisture free, odorless and ventilated. Regular checking is important for identifying black mold in your attic and basement. These places are not ventilated properly. Due to a leakage in the roof, rain water enters the attic and black mold grows unnoticed for a long time and cause great problems. The attics are mostly used for storage purpose. They are not visited frequently and thus offer favorable environment for the growth of black mold.

It damages the walls, wooden furniture, clothes and everything present near the mold. Black mold or any other kind of mold damages the health. Mostly, molds affect the health of people with respiratory allergies and asthma problems. It is also harmful for the immune system so it is better to prevent the growth of mold in the houses.

The roof damage caused by the mold growth is costly to treat and it is very time consuming to make everything present in the area mold free. So it is advisable to conduct mold check in the houses regularly to avoid damage and trouble beforehand.

Moisture is a major factor in mold growth. To get rid of moisture, check water leaks and flooding. Keep the area well aired and ventilated, add mold preventers in paints and wash bathrooms with mold killing products. After identifying black mold in your attic, cleaning everything properly is very important. First of all, you should evacuate the attic. For cleaning the molds from walls and stored things in the attic, you need trained professional staff. They have proper equipment and knowledge to get rid of every type of mold. They use protective clothing during the cleaning process.