Washing clothes before the invention of washing machines was a difficult task, which involved so much hard work. Now the laundry has become an easy job, where washing,drying and rinsing is done by the machine itself. But did we ever think that how this washing machine really works?. What’s the process of mechanism that is going inside it to clean our clothes and to dry them. First, we should know the proper method of operating washing machines to increase its life span oy you can consult an Electrician Liverpool for washing machine maintenance tips. Here the tips for you:

  • Before filling the washing machine with loads of clothes, check if its clean. Then fill clothes as per your requirement form low, medium to high level. But do not exceed high levels.
  • When the clothes are dumped in the machine, fill the machine with adequate water and add the detergent. Use of hotwater in machines takes a long time to wash, better switch to cold water.
  • Turn the notch to rinse mode , the clothes stirs with the help of an agitator. Then drain your water after washing and dry them in the spinner beside it.

Above we have learned about the general operation of a washing machine. Let us discuss how it works internally.

  1. The block of concrete inside the machine balances the heavy electric motors which drives the heavy gearbox that is attached to the inner steel tub.
  2. There are two tubs in a washing machine, namely: Inner tub and the outer tub. The inner tub is that which holds the clothes and have an agitator that cleans the clothes. There are holes on the sides of the tub as an outlet of water while spinning.
  3. The outer tub is sealed with water around it and it is bolted to the washer’s body. Since the inner tube shakes and may touch other parts of the machine , to avoid this outer tub is mounted in the manner that it allows the inner tub to move freely.
  4. The inner tub frame have gearbox which is attached to a black metal frame and this frame consists the concrete weight, gear box and motor.
  5. There are three pulleys in the machine such that if one side of the black metal frame rises up, the other is down, thus balancing the system of heavy components without shaking the whole machine.
  6. Since the machine have a damping system which balances the pulleys while the motor rotates.
  7. The pumbling of the washing machine includes two outlets from spinner and washer connected to a single external outlet and an inlet for water and detergent . The solenoid valves is kept in some machine for hot and cold water.
  8. Thus, when the switch is on the motor rotates and the gearbox agitates the washer and the spinner pushes the water out when required.

If there is any problem with the drive mechanism ,  the whole machine fails to work. On this note you would need an Emergency Electrician.

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