The traditional house in the United Kingdom has always been built to standard sizes, and in some cases, the building would be designed around the door and window openings, which were only of a specific size. This greatly limited the design options for the architect, yet with modern home improvements and composite materials, it is now possible to customise both door and window sizes, allowing for wider access points, which are not only more convenient, they also offer a design opportunity.

Composite Materials

Timber was for many years, the preferred material for doors and window frames, and while it offers durability and looks, the high maintenance leads most homeowners to select either aluminium or UPVC frames, as this is maintenance free and non-corrosive. Typically today, the door manufacturer would first take accurate measurements of the aperture, which gives him the basis for design, and with a choice of glass and frame material, there is no limit to what you can create.

External Sliding Doors

If a building has a large reception area with a traditional narrow front door, this can be replaced with wide sliding doors, and that really opens up the hallway and adds a touch of elegance to the front elevation of the home. These can consist of four double glazed units, with the outside two fixed and both central panels would slide open to give a 2.5m opening.

Character Properties

If your home is traditional in look, and you do not wish to spoil that by adding aluminium windows and doors, there are timber grain faux finishes that would perfectly complement the existing look. Not only that Tudor or Georgian styles can be perfectly replicated to match any exterior, and one would not want to make a home improvement that altered the look of the home in a negative way.

French and Bi-folding Doors

These can be hand crafted to precise measurements, and whether you prefer the traditional side opening units, or perhaps a bi-fold setup, which looks nice in the right setting, the bi-folding mechanism allows for smooth movement, and when the fold is fully complete, there is a wide opening for convenient access.

Online Experts

There are online companies that are dedicated to providing unique door and window solutions for many types of buildings, and with their expert advice, you can create the ideal combination that will enhance the property. An online search would likely result in you sourcing a local company, and if you happen to be looking for door installers in Pinner, for example, there are reliable companies who can measure up your home and give you a few design suggestions, and with made to measure units, you can be sure of an excellent fit.

Gone are the days when doors came only in standard sizes and with the arrival of composites and toughened glass, there really is no limit to doorway design, especially if you wish to open up the reception area by widening the existing doorway. If you would like to know more, talk to a door replacement company in your area.