Fashion has changed over time and will keep on changing. Fashion depends on the culture, season, people, financial state and changes accordingly. It is as fast as the growing technology. One can clearly view the changes in fashion which include the outfits, hairstyle, shoes, accessories etc. over the years.

For example one can trace the change in fashion like

In 1920’s  

How Fashion Has Changed Over The Years                               

This was the period of few years after the World War I. This marked the changes in waistline and hemline of the skirts. The waistlines lowered to hip and the hemlines rose. Later, the skirt levels resulted in scandals and there was a drop in market for which the hemlines returned to a considerable length. Flapper dresses came into existence. In fact it came to be known as the “Flapper era”. Necklines were the usual V or were round necks. Most of the fashion trends aimed at simplicity.

In 1930’s

How Fashion Has Changed Over The Years                                  

In spite of the economic hardships, this period had many fashion innovations. The changes in the skirt levels made in 1920’s were reverted back. The waistlines returned to normal position and the hemlines were made longer. Rayon and Nylon came into use and were used for casual evening wears. Costume jewellery came into existence. Small shoulder pads became fashionable. Many new cut dresses with different materials were made. For men, topcoats and suit coats became popular. Men wore tall pants with pant legs cuffed at the bottom and a button down shirt for casual wear.

In 1950’s

  How Fashion Has Changed Over The Years                                 

This period saw the birth of readymade dresses. Though they were not appropriately welcomed, they soon became very popular. The measurements of approximately 1 lakh women were surveyed for standardizing the size. Since this period was the time after wars, people were mostly concerned about family and home which changed their way of dressing and their need for fashion. Wide heels, slip-on heels and wedge heels became popular. For men, the suits were made more comfortable. Their dresses were as expensive as bigger their position or job was. Sandals and cowboy boots became popular among men.

In 1980’s

   How Fashion Has Changed Over The Years                                 

During this period casual T-shirts and Polo shirts became popular and acceptable. Oversized tops came into existence. Silk blouse gained popularity. Even scarves made a comeback. Flat shoes became popular and hairstyles like straight hair were prominent. Layered hair which came into existence in 70’s continued in the 80’s too. Among men, blue Denim jeans became popular. Bell bottom pants were the most used ones among men. Belts and bracelets became the most popular accessories.

In 2000’s                     

 How Fashion Has Changed Over The Years

This era saw the arrival of crop tops, blazers, low waisted pants, low waisted skirts, tank tops etc. The crop tops were shorter. The dresses featured bright colours, glitter etc. During this period came the logos of designers on purses, handbags, caps, belts etc which were considered as status symbol like Chanel, Gucci etc. Therefore branding became the driving force for sales. Ripped jeans and T-shirts were brought in as stylish wears. Leggings also came into existence. The hybrid of jeans and leggings called jeggings also arrived. Fashion wise there were lot of new arrivals and improvements.


 How Fashion Has Changed Over The Years

Current fashion trends are well known. They are comfortable as well as fashionable. Many old fashion trends have made comeback. Some of the popular ones  include crop tops, skinny jeans, leggings, cardigan, mini skirt, hoodie, high low dresses, palazzo pants, denim skirt, flip flops, dress boots etc.

Hence fashion is capable of changing from time to time. Some fashion trends disappear forever while some become so popular that they are continued while some make a comeback after few years. Fashion world is unpredictable. Fashion trends also depend on the economic status.

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Fashion is a growing industry and will continue growing. “The joy of dressing is an art.”